Antenna 13.56 Mhz

Antenna 13.56 Mhz

13.56 mhz antenna including two different sizes of HF RFID loop antennas, which can match mid-range and long range 13.56mhz RFID reader. Parameter deviation can be fine tuned through integrated fixed tuned plate circuit and keep antenna in good condition when environment changing.

HF 13.56mhz Antenna is distributed, already adjusted for most applications ex works. By means of jumpers the antenna can be adjusted to changing surrounding conditions, optimally.

13.56mhz RFID Card reader Antenna With a maximum transmitting power of up to 6W, the 13.56mhz antenna can be operated with several HF 13.56mhz readers . Due to the used reader, read ranges of up to 65cm can be realized.


This 13.56mhz antenna is a high performance HF panel antenna. Based on fully self-intellectual property and a proprietary adaptor circuit, 13.56mhz antenna features sensitive and stable inductive effects and can be widely used in many RFID system such as logistics, personnel identification, conference attendance, access control and industrial process control.


Typical applications for the 13.56mhz antenna are libraries, document tracking, video shops, logistics at conveyor belts or sorting systems, access control and industrial data acquisition. The antenna can be employed in indoor- and outdoor use(IP65).

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