Bluetooth RFID scanners

Bluetooth® RFID scanners

Bluetooth® RFID scanners are able to read RFID tags and transmit the data to any Bluetooth®-enabled device. The Bluetooth® RFID scanners can pair with tablets, smartphones, or handheld readers using Bluetooth® technology and provide your team with a scalable way of collecting and analyzing data.

All of these Bluetooth® RFID readers offer flexible options for data transfer through Bluetooth and some also offer USB, which ensures easy connection to devices such as PDAs, laptops, or smartphones.


These Bluetooth® RFID scanners are compliant with ISOs 11784, 11785, 14443A, 14443B, 15693, 156993-13.56, 18000-3, 18000-6B, and 18000-6C. They also have a large memory capacity, allowing them to store of information about the RFID tags to record the operation.

They also include integrated A-GPS, WLAN connectivity, and WCDMA (HSUPA)/EDGE/GSM/GPRS communications. A select handful of them additionally offer GPS location and barcode 1D/2D scanning.


Multiple applications - including cashless vending, library

services, POS and car parking

May be used for internal and external applications

Provides visual and audible confirmation of card status

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