face recognition with thermometer

Face recognition temperature measurement terminal


  • Contactless Temperature Measurement
  • Quickly measured within a range of 0.5-0.7m
  • Accurate Temperature Measurement
  • Frequency: 13.56MHz or 125Khz
  • Quickly Face Recognition
  • Deep Learning Algorithm

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What is the face recognition with thermometer

Nowadays, COVID-19 coronavirus has become a global pandemic with an uncontrollable spread pattern. fever is the main symptom in the early stages of the epidemic. In order to meet the requirements for identification and temperature detection in different locations, we have developed a family of face recognition temperature measurement terminal covering catering, retail, payment, protection, and other fields. We focus on the recognition thermometer solution that realizes smart epidemic prevention and control through contactless face recognition with mask and temperature detection. We adopt cloud computing, big data, AI technology, and other tools to launch SaaS face recognition thermometer solution. Contactless identification and temperature detection can be realized through the simultaneous operation of hardware, software, and platform, which can effectively reduce cross-infection risk and improve checking efficiency.


  • Precise Face Recognition even wear Mask
  • The upgrade mask model supports the accuracy of face recognition with mask up to 99.5% and improves traffic efficiency
  • Fever Warning
  • The infrared thermal imaging can accurately detect body temperature and control temperature error within 0.5℃ range. Once high temperature is detected, warning mode will be activated.
  • Efficient Liveness Recognition
  • Binocular camera + liveness detection function is conducive to preventing photos and video attacks
  • A Variety of Installation Methods
  • Specification
    Display size8 inch
    Pixels2 Mega
    TypeBinocular wide dynamic camera
    Local storage>Local storage EMMC8G
    Network moduleSupportEthernet,wireless(WiFi)
    AudioSupport 2.5W/4R horn
    USB1*USB OTG,1*USB HOST Standard A port
    Wiegand interface1*26/34 output,1*26/34 input
    Upgrade buttonSport Uboot upgrade button
    Infrared thermal imaging module
    Human body temperature detectionSupported
    Temperature detectiondistance1meter
    Measuring Accuracy≤ ±0.2℃
    Measuring range10℃~42℃
    Thermal imaging field of view32 X 32℃
    Visitors with normal temperature will be passed directlySupported
    Over temperaturealarmSupport (temperature alarm value can beset)
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