Facial Recognition Thermometer

Facial Recognition Thermometer


  • Contactless Temperature Measurement
  • Quickly measured within a range of 0.5-0.7m
  • Accurate Temperature Measurement
  • Frequency: 13.56MHz or 125Khz
  • Quickly Face Recognition
  • Deep Learning Algorithm

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What is the Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal

It is a Facial Recognition Thermometer. it adopts multiple AI technology :include contactless temperature measurement + mask detection + face recognition.Support mask recognition detection, automatic recognition and voice reminder for non-wearing masks

Facial Recognition Thermometer with 8 inch IPS full-view HD LCD display, no streaking, and delay, Industrial-grade appearance, IP65, certain outdoor dustproof and waterproof functions

Face recognition temperature measurement terminal device with a compact design, from the thermometer module to the 8 inch IPS Screen, top industrial-grade design with ultra Narrow slim bezels. It will be good for desktop, wall mount and the floor standing flexible installation methods.

Facial Recognition Thermometer use for Lobby Entrance Access Control, it with rich interfaces, such as RS485, power supply, RJ45, and DC 12V output. when used for the entrance access, only the one its face information can match with the database, the gate will open, also with the requirements of the temperature is normal, one of the two failed to match, the gate will not open, and will give the alarm.

Facial Recognition Thermometer for the temperature measurement application

Facial Recognition Thermometer supports accurate face recognition and comparison while wearing a mask.

Facial Recognition Thermometer with a deep learning algorithm, achieving high recognition speed and accuracy. it integrated with 2 million pixels and Binocular wide dynamic camera on aperture: F2.4, 30,000 face database. The 1: 1 comparison recognition rate is more than 99.7%, the 1: N comparison recognition rate is more than 96.7%@0.1% misrecognition rate, and the live detection accuracy rate is 98.3%@1% misrejection rate. Face recognition pass speed is less than 1 second.

Accurate Temperature Measurement

Based on the accurate thermal imaging temperature measurement

The facial recognition thermometer can detect the forehead temperature and quickly identify the information of the person with a mask.


  • Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, brush human face and perform high-precision infrared human temperature acquisition at the same time, fast and high effect
  • Temperature measurement range 30-45 (℃) Accuracy ± 0.3 (℃)
  • Automatically identify unmasked personnel and provide real-time warning
  • Support temperature data SDK and HTTP protocol docking
  • Automatically register and record information, avoid manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce missing information
  • Support mid-range temperature measurement and real-time warning of high temperature
  • Support binocular live detection
  • Unique face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize faces, face recognition time <500ms
  • Support human motion tracking exposure in strong backlight environment, support machine vision optical wide dynamic ≥80dB
  • Adopt Linux operating system for better system stability
  • Rich interface protocols, support SDK and HTTP protocols under multiple platforms such as Windows / Linux
  • IP34 rated dust and water resistant
  • MTBF> 50000 H
  • Support 22400 face comparison library and 100,000 face recognition records
  • Support one Wiegand input or Wiegand output
  • Supports fog through, 3D noise reduction, strong light suppression, electronic image stabilization, and has multiple white balance modes, suitable for various fields Scene demand
  • Support electronic voice broadcast (normal human body temperature or super high alarm, face recognition verification results)
  • Specification
    Display size8 inch
    Pixels2 Mega
    TypeBinocular wide dynamic camera
    Local storage>Local storage EMMC8G
    Network moduleSupportEthernet,wireless(WiFi)
    AudioSupport 2.5W/4R horn
    USB1*USB OTG,1*USB HOST Standard A port
    Wiegand interface1*26/34 output,1*26/34 input
    Upgrade buttonSport Uboot upgrade button
    Infrared thermal imaging module
    Human body temperature detectionSupported
    Temperature detectiondistance1meter
    Measuring Accuracy≤ ±0.2℃
    Measuring range10℃~42℃
    Thermal imaging field of view32 X 32℃
    Visitors with normal temperature will be passed directlySupported
    Over temperaturealarmSupport (temperature alarm value can beset)
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