Mifare Desfire card

What is the Mifare Desfire card?

The RFID MIFARE DESFire cards consist of MIFARE DESFire EV1 cards and MIFARE DESFire EV2 cards and are ideally suited for solution developers and system operators building reliable, interoperable and scalable contactless smart card solutions. It targets multi-application smart card solutions in identity, access control, loyalty, and micropayment applications as well as in transport schemes.

MIFARE DESFire cards explained

The MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 contactless smart card provides the perfect balance of speed, performance, and cost-efficiency. Its open concept allows future seamless integration of other ticketing media such as MIFARE DESFire smart paper tickets, MIFARE DESFire key fobs, and MIFARE DESFire mobile ticketing based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, it with RFID chip inside and PVC layers, good quality cards should be with the film on the surface, please see the RFID structure.

High-security technology-Mifare Desfire

MIFARE DESFire EV1 is based on open global standards for both air interface and cryptographic methods. It is compliant with all 4 levels of ISO/IEC 14443A and uses optional ISO/IEC 7816-4 commands.

Featuring an on-chip backup management system and the mutual three pass authentication, a MIFARE DESFire EV1 product-based smart card can hold up to 28 different applications and 32 files per application. The size of each file is defined at the moment of its creation, making MIFARE DESFire EV1 a truly flexible and convenient product. Mifare DESFire ev1 cards and Mifare DESFire ev2 cards are higher security card.

Flexible reconfigurability for different application

Some cheap RFID cards with changeable UID, but the MIFARE DESFire ev1 card is hard to hack. With MIFARE DESFire EV1, data transfer rates up to 848 Kbit/s can be achieved, making fast data processing possible. The Mifare DESFire ev1 card reading distance is better than the Mifare 1k card.

High capacity -Mifare Desfire

Mifare Desfire ev1 with different memory for the different user requests. The Mifare Desfire ev1 2 k, Mifare Desfire ev1 4k, Mifare Desfire ev1 8 k's memory is organized using a flexible file system. This file system allows a maximum of 28 different applications on one MIFARE DESFire EV1. Each application provides up to 32 files. Every application is represented by its 3 bytes Application IDentifier (AID).

Printed Mifare Desfire ev1 2 k, Mifare Desfire ev1 4k, Mifare Desfire ev1 8 k is good to offer so much more than just simple identity management, providing greater value for money and ROI than ever before.

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MIFARE DESFire typical applications

Access control – This is perhaps the most obvious application and still the prime reason for using this technology for many security operators. By holding the secure ID, the MIFARE DESFire card is perfect for users and operators alike as it allows rapid and secure access through doors and can be controlled centrally and remotely.
Event ticketing – Using Mifare Desfire (which is the paper/PVC -based version of the cards), this is the perfect solution for secure event tickets which simply can’t be copied in the way that normal paper tickets are vulnerable to.
Car parking – With an integrated security system it is easy and convenient to link car park barriers to access control. This enables the MIFARE DESFire smart card to be used for access to parking as well as access to pedestrian barriers.
Public transportation – Transportation systems can utilize smart cards for debit/credit functionality. Typically, this application will use DESfire technology for increased security and increased memory applications, so data can be stored on the MIFARE DESFire card for flexibility.
University libraries – MIFARE DESFire smart cards are perfect for storing a record of the IDs of books taken out by students and when they were borrowed. This also means the data can be shared with the integrated centralized university records system for even greater flexibility.
Cashless catering – By securely recording and storing value on the MIFARE DESFire smart card, this can be used for debiting and crediting in on-site vending machines or restaurants.
Health and Safety – With their data storage ability, MIFARE DESFire RFID cards can be used to log training and accreditations, ensuring that no access is granted if the cardholder lacks the necessary accreditations (or they have expired).

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