NFC Wristbands

What is NFC wristbands ?

NFC wristbands likewise called NFC bracelets. NFC Wristbands can be used for many NFC applications and jobs. Our wide variety of NFC wristbands can be utilized at festivals, sporting events, trade shows, corporate events, swimming pools, and fitness centers. They provide the ability to accommodate access control, ticketing, payments, and location monitoring.

NFC wristband is a special sort of NFC items that are developed for wrist putting on.

Based upon NFC modern technology, NFC wristband works with ISO14443A standard and also can connect with rapidly developing NFC-compliant tools such as smart devices and tablet computer systems.

nfc wristbands

Use near-field communication to avoid the security problems of remote field communication technologies, such as WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc., which may be intercepted and decoded. It is very suitable for all applications where privacy requirements are strict.

NFC wristband It combines NFC's advantages with human engineering. Its imaginative account makes it clearly excellent when utilizing it in easy-to-use environments, such as healthcare facilities, theme parks, events, as well as sporting activities.

Prior to, visitors buy the ticket without requesting give name, contact number, address. once ended up, site visitors left, the owner obtains nothing. Currently, once you reserving the ticket need to fill with name, phone number, address, birthday, all must be encoded into the NFC chip. Once get into the entrance, all those info kept in their system, also can see when did you come and when did you leave. After the event, they obtain everything they want, can clearly know the market, including how many percent of male, lady, children. A general plan for the next tasks came out. If you prepare to make an event or festival, believe that NFC wristband will certainly provide you a surprise!

This fantastic NFC wristband is every techie's desire! This NFC wristband has an NFC tag that gives you phone access control, so you can keep all your health, organization, or personal information easier. The NFC wristband able read by all mobile phones and also writeable with Android cellular phone, so you can share Links, your Social Media Site Profiles, Health Information, Company Cards, Site, your Call Details, and also make Contactless Repayments!

NFC wristbands additionally called NFC bracelets. NFC Wristbands can be configured for a lot of NFC tasks and also applications. Our wide array of NFC wristbands can be utilized at events, sporting events, trade shows, business events, swimming pools, as well as fitness. NFC payment wristband is getting more popular now.

HOW DOES NFC wristband WORK?

nfc wristbands

If you’ve visited a music festival, water park, or convention in the last couple of years, you’ve probably worn an NFC wristband. You might have even used an NFC wristband, each containing a tiny NFC chip that can be scanned using smartphones or NFC wristband readers. The NFC wristband serves as the guest’s all-in-one ticket, wallet, and social media connection throughout the event, while also collecting accurate data that organizers can use to glean insights for future events. But how do NFC wristbands work?

NFC Wristbands' work method or process is transmitting the unique identity of a wristband (or any RFID-enabled object) using radio waves.

The technology enables specialist readers or ‘scanners’ to capture the data in an NFC tag and transmit it to a back-end computer system without the requirement for physical contact.

When read (or ‘tapped’) by an NFC reader will get an encoded radio signal from NFC tag.

In less than a millisecond, the NFC readers receive the transmission and respond with a unique identification number.

If you enthusiast of NFC wristband, you can test it as below :

  • ① First Download the NFC Tools FREE App on your Android Device.
  • ② Tap NFC Wristband to your NFC Smartphone.
  • ③ Choose the function you like, and with one tap write it onto the NFC wristband’s chip.
  • Now any Android or IOS device touching the NFC wristband will achieve the following function: Receive your Information, Transfer your Social Media Profile, Website, NFC Business Card or Link, or even Activate Bluetooth Devices or Open Doors!

    If you would like to buy NFC wristband for events, then you have to develop your own system.

    NFC Wristband uses :

    NFC bracelet
  • Access Control and Security
  • Hotel Room Key
  • Time Attendance
  • Campus, Bus Transportation
  • Club/SPA Membership Management
  • Pub, Event Management
  • Water Park and Swimming Pool
  • Patient Management
  • Loyalty and VIP Programs
  • Leisure Area
  • Non-Cash Sale
  • Prevent Counterfeiting
  • Construction Site
  • NFC Applications
  • Promotion
  • How to custom NFC wristband ?

    We are the expert NFC wristband manufacturer and produced premium quality NFC wristbands.

    Here we will attempt to categorize NFC Wristbands and provide a lay explanation of their functions.

    The main materials of NFC wristbands could be silicone, woven, paper, TYVEK, plastic, etc for optional.

    How to decide what material will you choose for a custom NFC wristband? It depends on your application, Is it one-time use only or reusable? NFC paper wristband, TYVEK NFC wristband, or plastic NFC wristband are one-time use NFC wristband.

    But if you would like to custom the reusable NFC wristband, please buy Fabric NFC Wristband, Silicone NFC Wristband.

    NFC silicone wristbands, it is very comfortable so you can wear them with ease all day long without ever experiencing any discomfort! The NFC wristbands are waterproof you can wear them in the shower or when you go swimming. It is also great for the gym as you can safely wear it even when you sweat! Stay fit!

    The NFC silicone wristbands are comfortable to wear and difficult to lose, whether they are for one-time use only or reusable, they are ideal for kids and adults and events where rapid scanning is essential.

    The material of the NFC wristband is silicone, Tyvek, vinyl, plastic, nylon woven fabric, or stain fabric. The difference between NFC wristband with an RFID wristband is only the chip.

    Fabric NFC Wristbands are super easy to put on your wrist, The cloth strap is with a white plastic clasp that has teeth to prevent the wristband from falling off and from being removed. Printed on the back of the PVC tag is the UID of the NFC chip.

    Right now, I am sure you have an idea for the material of the NFC wristband.

    Purchase NFC wristband with suitable NFC chip

    NFC wristbands are designed as easy-wear. Therefore, NFC bracelets/wristbands are widely used for point of sale, keyless hotel rooms, identification, access control and security, event management, counterfeit prevention, customer loyalty programs, and waterproof environments. As a professional NFC manufacturer, we guide you on how to choose the right NFC chip for your application.

    Communication between the RFID/NFC wristbands and the RFID/NFC RFID/NFC reader does not require line-of-sight or physical connection. But there are limits on the range, depending on what frequency the system operates at.

    Low Frequency (125-134 kHz) – Very short read/write a range of no more than a few centimeters, with limited memory storage capacity. Low data transmission speeds.

    High Frequency (13.56 MHz) – Short read/write a range of several inches, but with larger memory capacities and medium data transfer rates.

    Ultra-High Frequency (433 MHz & 856-960 MHz) – Long-distance read/write a range of up to 70 feet and large data capacities. High data transfer rates as well.

    The NFC wristband with 13.56mhz NFC chip inside.

    If you need NFC Wristbands that are compatible with all NFC smartphones and tablets equipped with NFC, then you have to choose the NFC chip. Let us see the main characteristics of each of these NFC chips.

    NTAG203 Chip for NFC Wristband

    NTAG203 is a great chip, widespread, which has a capacity of 137 bytes and is available in different sizes, shapes, and dimensions, as well as bracelets, pendants, etc. In general, it is great for any use, even if it’s being replaced by NTAG212 and NTAG213, the new generation chips.

    NTAG212 Chip for NFC Wristband

    NTAG212 is more advanced than NTAG203: it has better performance in terms of reading speed and range. It has a slightly smaller memory, equal to 128 bytes. It has the considerable advantage of beingless expensive. If you do not have particular needs, this chip is perfect.

    NTAG213 Chip for NFC Wristband

    NTAG213 is the new generation of NTAG203: it has better performance in terms of reading speed and range. It has a slightly bigger memory, equal to 144 bytes. It’s quite cheap and it’s a very good NFC Chip.

    NTAG215 Chip for NFC Wristband

    NTAG215 is in the middle between NTAG213 and NTAG216 because has an available memory of 504 bytes, so it’s suitable to be encoded with V-Cards or more data. As all the NTAG chip, it has some more features, as the password-protection. It’s slightly cheaper than NTAG216, but it’s a very good NFC Chip.

    NTAG216 Chip for NFC Wristband

    NTAG216 has the advantage of having a larger capacity than the other NFC Tags, thanks to an available memory of 888 bytes. This makes it a great chip for business cards with very complete V-Card data. They are very fast but are also more expensive.

    Economy & Ultralight chips for NFC Wristband

    If you do not have needs for maximum compatibility, you can also choose other types of chips, such as Mifare Classic 1k or Ultralight.

    Mifare Classic 1k Chip for NFC Wristband

    NFC Tags with Mifare Classic chip have a rather capacious memory, equal to 716 bytes available. They are recommended if you are already using a system based on Mifare protocol (as some access control systems), or if your Tags are not going to be read by the general public. They are compatible only with certain Android smartphones. The NFC Tag Mifare Classic also supports encryption. If you do not have the need for maximum compatibility, Mifare Tags are excellent, available in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions.

    Mifare Ultralight chip for NFC Wristband

    The Ultralight NFC Tags are more advanced than the Mifare Classic and are compatible with BlackBerry devices, with almost all Android devices, and potentially also with Windows Phone smartphones (even if they require special formatting). They are quite cheap but have very limited memory, amounting to only 46 bytes, which makes them useful only for short links or for short text strings.

    In any case, before you buy NFC Tags with Ultralight or Mifare Classic chip, please check the compatibility of smartphones and tablets with the different NFC chip. You may also be interested in detailed specifications of the different NFC chip, or how to write NFC tags.

    If you are an integrator, please contact us directly; If you are looking for an entire solution, we can introduce you to your local integrator to help you out.

    NFC Wristbands Cost

    From the above information, we can know the one-time use of an NFC wristband is more expensive than a reusable NFC wristband.

    And the different NFC chip with a different cost.,and the Mifare Classic 1k Chip is the cheapest NFC chip.

    Your purchase NFC wristband should be with your logo or brand for advertising. Only a few costs, our NFC wristband should customization an eye-catch logo on the NFC wristband.

  • Silk Printing
  • CMYK Printing
  • Laser LOGO/Number
  • Laser Ink Filled
  • Debossed
  • Debossed Ink Filled
  • Embossed
  • Embossed Ink Filled
  • Programmable
  • Benefits of NFC Wristbands for Events

    1. NFC wristband to Get attendees inside quickly

    One advantage of NFC wristbands for both guests and staff alike is speeding up wait times and shortening lines for admissions and attractions.

    2.NFC wristband for Enhances Security

    Unlike traditional print-at-home tickets, RFID/NFC chips have a unique identifier that makes them nearly impossible to duplicate — making counterfeit tickets a thing of the past.NFC wristbands are non-transferable, secure, and can prevent unauthorized use or access. A lost or stolen ticket can still be used, but a compromised NFC wristband can be deactivated when the account linked to it is flagged. A guest just needs to inform staff that his or her wristband has been lost or stolen.

    3.Increased Attendee Engagement and Cashless Sales by NFC payment wristband

    Forget long lines at ATMs, or fans taking out their wallets time and time again. Now they can pay for food, drinks, or merchandise with a simple tap of their NFC wristbands. Attendees can add their payment information to their NFC chip before the event, making it easier than ever to buy. And because guests don’t have to carry cash or drink tickets in their pockets, they can stop worrying about loss or theft, and focus on enjoying your event. For management, that means more transactions and increased revenue in addition to more satisfied customers.

    4.NFC Wristband for Social Media Integration

    One benefit of NFC wristbands for guests is the ability to share their event experience on social media. This in turn can increase your brand exposure and provide viral marketing opportunities. When a guest links their social media profile to their NFC wristband, they can be automatically checked-in or tagged in photos.

    5. NFC Wristband for Simplify the box office and check-in process

    No attendee wants to wait in line for hours on-site to pick up their badge or wristband. With advanced fulfillment, NFC badges or NFC wristbands come right to your attendee’s home. Instead of box office complaints, you’ll be seeing excitement all over social media when attendees receive the package weeks before the event.

    6.Impress your attendees by NFC wristband

    There’s no denying one of the biggest draws of RFID: it ups your event’s cool factor. The moment fans receive their RFID wristband or badge in the mail, the excitement for your event begins to build on social media. And after the event, many people love to keep NFC wristbands on for months to remember the awesome experience. If you get creative with design, you can generate loyalty among existing attendees — and spread it to everyone else.

    7.Get to know your audience on a whole new level by NFC wristband

    Because attendees often buy tickets in bulk or register as a group, you potentially only collect data on the ticket purchaser. That prevents you from truly understanding who your attendees are. With NFCwristbands, all individuals are encouraged to register their wristband, even if someone else bought their ticket. That means more email addresses to use when marketing future events, and more information you can use to prove value to sponsors.

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