NFC Smart Ring

NFC smart ring

The NFC Smart Ring is a high quality steel or titanium ring that has near-field communication (NFC) functionality built into the design.


  • Unlock your Smart phone or tablet
  • Lock and unlock your door
  • Share & Transfer information
  • Custom size

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Offering two separate inlays within the ring, the top inlay allows users to share public information with friends, like a Twitter username, using a bump gesture with another device.

The bottom inlay is used to perform more private actions like unlocking your smartphone or placing the palm of your hand on the front door of your home to unlock an NFC-enabled door lock.

Conceptually, the bottom inlay is more secure since the user can clench their fist to protect from any actions or simply keep their hands face down and away from devices. The bottom inlay is also significantly smaller than the top inlay, thus providing additional security for private data and making public data easier to share with an acquaintance.

The read distance is extremely short at just one millimeter and the two inlays to “generate cross talk” in case anyone around you is attempting to read information at a distance using a high-powered antenna.

Primary Applications:

  • NFC application
  • Access control
  • Identification
  • Tickets
  • E-payment


MaterialMetal, Steel
SizeVarious sizes available, or customized size
Frequency13.56 MHz
ChipUltralight, NTAG 213, NTAG 215, NTAG 216, TOPAZ512, etc
Memory512 bits, 144 Byte, 504 Byte, 888 Byte, etc
Reading or Writing Distance1-10cm, depends on the reader and environment
PersonalizationEncoding, etc
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