PIT tag is the highest performing RFID tag on the market today for fish and wildlife research in a 12mm size. These tags are encapsulated in biocompatible glass and provide 100% unique identification.


  • Small size
  • Data retention of 10 years
  • Easy to use
  • 134.2khz low frequency

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PIT tag is the Passive Integrated Transponder tags that help people to track individual organisms by providing a reliable lifetime 'barcode'.

PIT tag no needs a battery and it is very small to integrated into fish or any animal. It can work with a fish lifetime. so it is an important aspect of understanding animal migration is the ability to track and recognize individuals over time and space.

Besides the PIT tag, there are many External tags (e.g., RFID ear tag and RFID leg tag, ) that have also facilitated animal tracking. DO RFID TAG manufacturer produced cost-effective products, if you are buying RFID tag for tracking fish, elephant, Turtle,cow, sheep, bird, pigeon and other animals.

Here we are talking about Internal Identification Tags- PIT tags.

PIT tag is suitable for small animals, especially reptiles, invertebrates, Some veterinarians also use PIT tags to identify and track domestic pets, livestock, and zoo animals.PIT tag consists of an integrated circuit RFID chip, capacitor, and antenna coil encased in glass. PIT tags vary in size and shape depending on the study animal. Generally, tags are cylindrical in shape, about 8-32 mm long, and 1-4 mm in diameter.

Essentially, PIT tags act as a lifetime barcode for an individual animal, analogous to a Social Security number and, provided they can be scanned, the PIT tag reader can get all information about this animal. PIT tags are a passive tag, they are dormant until activated by PIT tag readers; they, therefore, do not require any internal source of power throughout their lifespan. To activate the tag, a low-frequency radio signal is emitted by a scanning device that generates a close-range electromagnetic field. The tag then sends a unique alpha-numeric code back to the PIT tag reader.

PIT tag reader is available as handheld, portable, fixed types.

Why Use our PIT Tags

PIT tagging can be used to answer questions regarding growth rates, survivorship, food webs, and movement patterns. A major advantage over mark-recapture methods is that marked animals do not need to be recaptured; they just need to pass by an automated reading system antenna.

PIT tag specification:

  • Standard size: 2.12*8.0mm
  • Material option: BIO-glass
  • Frequency: 134.2khz
  • Reading disdance:5-10cm
  • Write endurance typcial 500 000 cycles
  • MOQ: No MOQ limited
  • Shipping way: DHL, TNT
  • Production time: 10 work days

Primary Applications:

  • Fishing tracking
  • Animal tracking
  • Identification
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