RFID bolt tag

RFID bolt tags

RFID Metal Bolt Tag is UHF Anti-Metal Screw Anti-dismantle Tunnel Inspection EMU Management Tag


  • EPC C1 GEN2(ISO 18000-6C) Protocol
  • Can be mounted on any surface and supply long read range
  • Enabling read ranges of up to 10m
  • Highest standard (IP69)

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RFID Bolt tag Description

RFID bolt tag is made of metal high-temperature material with a UHF Gen2 chip. The RFID bolt tag complains to the ISO18000-6C protocol, with frequency of 860-960mhz.

UHF Anti-Metal Screw Anti-dismantle Tunnel Inspection EMU Management Tag is an RFID Metal Bolt Tag.

UHF anti-metal screw tag used for traceability and bridge detection.

This tough RFID bolt tag is made exclusively for marking items under the most challenging conditions. It provides the inserted tag with the finest protection thanks to its entire metal casing. It is completely ideal for the oil and gas industry, as well as for tracking all types of outdoor equipment, and it can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. It may be used in practically any place without any restrictions.

Primary Applications:

  • Heavy machinery identification
  • As a spare part of metal products
  • Tracking valuable tooling assets
ItemRFID Bolt tag
Material304 Stainless Steel and Industry grade epoxy resin
Dimension16/12mm or custom size as required
Available chipLF/UHF/HF13.56mhz : 1k , ultralight,ultralight ev1,ntag203 ,NTAG210,NTAG213,
Product technologyLogo printing : silk printing
Number printed will be available ( Serial No & Chip UID)
Collect UID code excel,text file etc.
Chip program/encode will be available as well ( URL ,TEXT ,Number and Vcard)
Epoxy, Customize size and shape , Hole punch etc
AntennaCopper & etching Aluminum material
Applicationtrack, bridge inspection, metal parts traceability
advertisement, park, souvenir, decoration, activity, election, assembly, club, bar, concert,
open air festival, summer break, winter break, etc.
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