Combi Hybrid Card

The Hybrid Cards have more than two technologies embedded inside a single smart card. These cards use any two of the above mentioned types of the smart cards in a single chip.


  • Multi-functions in one card
  • Good quality with competitive price
  • Risk free
  • Widely use for different occasions

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Some applications of smart card require more than two technologies like the 125KHZ EM4100 chip and antenna with UHFchip in the same card.

LF + UHF cards are used in specialized situations where simple access control is required alongside personnel tracking. LF + UHF is generally accomplished with the LF antenna running above or beside the UHF antenna.

Primary Applications:

  • Access control
  • Attendance control
  • Identification
  • Tickets
  • Container identification


SizeISO CR80: 85.5mm x 54mm
Module TypeMifare S50/70+SLE5542/SLE4442;
(13.56MHz) Mifare S50/S70+(125kHz) TK4100, EM4200
(13.56MHz) Mifare S50/S70+(UHF) Ucode/GEN2
(125kHz)TK4100, EM4200 +(UHF) Ucode/GEN2
Other combinations are available upon request
MaterialPVC / PET / PETG & etc
Thickness0.84mm or be required
Magnetic stripes4000oe / 3000oe / 2750oe (HiCo) 300oe (LoCo)
CoatingFilm coating / Matte / Glossy / Frosted / UV coated
Printing MethodOffset print / Screen print / Thermal print
Available TechnologyMagnetic stripe Hi-co or Lo-co, signature panel, photo, barcode, hot-stamping in gold / silver color, scratch-off panel, UV printing, series number, hole punching
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