Test SIM Card

The test sim card provides you a possibility to check SW version in your mobile phone, display, and change security code or lock code and check IMEI - it is very useful for professional users.


  • OS: Native and Java
  • Network compatibility: GSM, CDMA 2000, USIM, ISIM, RUIM
  • Browser: WIB, S@T, Celltick
  • PUK,ICCID ,SID, ESN ,KI,PIN and PRL programable
  • Security controller –ST, Samsung and more
  • Form Factor: ISO, half SIM, Quarter SIM, 10 chip, plug-in, 4FF

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DO RFID Group have 16 years of experience as large scale test sim card manufacturing dealing with small, medium and large scale supplies. We manufacturer more than 2500 test sim cards every day.

Being a leading test sim card manufacturer. We produce a high-quality sim card for testing purposes, then we are pleased to offer you our top-selling Test SIMs, Test USIMs, and Test eSIMs.

Sim test card, mobile test sim card widely use in the communication industry, it works with sim card test tool (Agilent 8960, Anritsu, CMU200, CMW500/ TD-SCDMA, etc.) to test mobile phone without interference during produce the mobile. The test sim card can shield the external signal and make it is only one way to transfer the signal from the test sim card to the mobile phone. It makes the test environment is simple. The main test functions include test display, mobile phone processor, mediator version, voice and password display, call time reduction, coupling test, bit error rate test, etc. The main test cards include mobile GSM, TD-SCDMA, Unicom's WCDMA, Telecom CDMA, CDMA2000/EVDO, and other network test cards and test cards.

We designed our test SIM card to get easily plugged in into every mobile phone and different form factors co-exist: a regular SIM measures 15 millimeters by 25 mm; a smaller version of the SIM, called the micro-SIM or 3FF SIM card (Third Form Factor) is 12mm by 15mm; then the nano-SIM or 4FF is 8.8 mm by 12.3 mm .

We are striving to enable secure mobile technologies and data services for everyone to use with reduced pricing. so we take strict control over the quality and the high performance of our sim test cards etc. The test sim card provides you a possibility to check the SW version on your mobile phone, display, and change security code or lock code and check IMEI - it is very useful and easy for professional users.

Our products including the 4G LTE USIM test card, Test card for Anritsu CMW500, and 4G Test card for CMW500 mobile phone.

The LTE USIM Test Card Support CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, TD_SCDMA Network all data, and can write " PIN, PUK, ADM, IMSI, ICCID, SMSC, OPC, KI " into the card.

All these test SIM cards are Compliant to 3GPP standard, Can operate at a max temperature 75℃, minimum temperature of -40℃.

We designed the LTE 4G Series USIM cards meet the current market demands rapid development of the fourth generation of mobile communication, according to domestic and foreign carriers to promote the use of 4G networks, independent research, and development of new smart card products for TD-LTE and FDD LTE and another network. In terms of compatibility, it applies not only to the 4G network but also backward compatible with 3G, 2G network can successfully adapt to the transition from the era of 3G to 4G market era.

LTE USIM NATIVE and JAVA including two series, capacity from 64k to 256k covering all product types to meet various needs of domestic and international markets.

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Primary Applications:

  • SIM or eUICC manufacturer testing
  • mobile network operator testing
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