RFID Clamshell Card

RFID Clamshell Card

Clamshell RFID card is low frequency(LF) passive cards with EM4100,EM4200,EM4450,TK4100 chips inside. .


  • Accept custom shape
  • Duralbe with long life time
  • Easy for carry
  • Economy cost

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Clamshell RFID card

Clamshell RFID card is low frequency(LF) passive cardsd with EM4100,EM4200,EM4450,TK4100 chips insdie. It is waterproof and wallet size, but it is thicker than the thin RFID card. so it is true anti-collision properties for multiple tag detection. Clamshell RFID card with reading distance up to 130cm, and has a slot to attach a lanyard.


Our clamshell cards are contactless credentials for access control applications at your office, building, university campus, sports club, factory, and any other venue where clamshell cards are favored for secure access control applications.

RFID Clamshell Cards are also able used for endless Access Control Applications: Open doors, RFID locks, strong cabinets, and drawers. Use our prox cards with an RFID time clock to check on staff attendance. Secure, high quality, and low cost.


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Material ABS+PVC
Size85.6 mm × 53.98 mm
Printingcan be silk screened or offset printed on PVC side.
Operating specificationsWaterproof
125kz Chip Available:EM4100, EM4205, EM4305, EM4450, TK4100, T5577, Hitag 1,Hitag 2, HTS256, HTS2048, Hitag UR064 or other customized chips
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