RFID gym lockers

RFID gym lockers

RFID gym lockers is keyless lockers for gyms, RFID lock installed in the locker, constantly emitting radio signals


  • Contactless technology
  • Water-proof
  • security
  • High data integrity
  • True anti-collision

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RFID Gym locker Description

Gym locker universal material is metal, wood, or plastic, most of the previous lockers are with mechanical locks, and the key is easy to carry, but also easy to lose.

RFID gym locker selection of materials, the main thing is to use intelligent RFID lock, generally with RFID bracelet use.

RFID gym lockers is keyless lockers for gyms, RFID lock installed in the locker, constantly emit radio signals, the RFID lock role is the gatekeeper, rfid bracelets is the item ID. RFID wristband can be attached to the RFID lock or waving the card above the RFID lock. At this point, the RFID lock emits a radio signal that activates the RFID lock to initiate the unlocking function. rfid bracelets can be replaced with RFID cards, RFID keyfob, and other RFID products, but RFID bracelets are easy to wear and waterproof, making them ideal for use in gyms and spas.

RFID gym lockers use contactless locks, RFID locks are invisible locks, hidden behind the door, and no cables are needed, just use the RFID wristband close to it and it will open the door automatically, RFID locks are the best solution for small workplace lockers.

Lockers with rfid locker system provide high security without the tedious task of key management. RFID components, locking mechanisms, and power packs are located inside the locker to increase security and prevent vandalism and theft, making them an excellent choice for corporate and school locker rooms. Maintaining traditional lockers can become expensive. RFID lockers are not only more advanced than traditional lockers, but they are also more cost-effective. You won't lose the aesthetics either. RFID locks are designed for use with metal, wood, and all materials used for storage. If you have existing fitness center lockers that need to be upgraded with this RFID lock, you can also purchase the RFID lock separately from us, RFID locks can also be retrofitted to existing lockers without wiring or drilling holes, making it very easy to install.

gym lockers combine RFID contactless technology to prevent the spread of the covid-9 virus. With keyless entry, users must be close to the RFID card reader but do not have to touch it to unlock the locker. In some cases, users can register their smartphone and have it act as the key to unlock the RFID lock.

The card swipe feature of RFID locks enhances security, as locks with mechanical keys or codes can be lost due to lost keys and the need to break the lock. If a spare key is taken by a criminal, there is a risk of losing personal items, and using RFID locks eliminates this risk altogether.

RFID locks are not exposed to the elements and do not require contact to open the door. When used in gyms, school locker rooms or SPA, locks will not be damaged by moisture or contact with water.

We can provide RFID locks individually, or we can customize RFID gym lockers for you, here is a picture of our RFID gym lockers.

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