Access control card reader

Access control card reader

D.O rfid reader manufacturer produce full line of access control card reader ranging from stand alone access control card reader, keypad card reader,long range access control reader,elevator access control card reader, access control fingerprint reader.

They can be used to perform tasks like granting access to doors, locking server cabinets and more, making them an ideal component in many access control card reader systems.

Access control card reader provide enterprise access control and integrated security management, Unparalleled speed, performance and scalability for any application or enterprise. Supporting Education, Healthcare, Business, Transportation and Government applications. Managing enterprise risk & security just got more cost-effective and simpler.

D.O RFID reader manufacturer utilizes multi-technology access control card readers to provide the maximum flexibility for customers. Whether installing a new system, or upgrading an existing one.

For more than 15 years, D.O RFID Group trusted by government agencies and industry leaders worldwide, we offers the industry’s most extensive selection of RFID badge reader technology. Choose from low-frequeny, high-frequency, multi-technology smart card or legacy contactless technology that best meets your need for door, parking ,elevator and gate access control.


Convenient configurations;

powerfull ,unique and customisable security program by yourself;

Open technology;

Compatiblity with your current EM or mifar card polulation;

Robust,reliable, flexible and utterly secure standalone capability ;

Easy and convenient technology and security level migrations;

Eco-sensitive construction;


Access control

Elevator access control

Locking server cabinets

Selection of Desktop RFID Readers

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