RFID Animal tag reader

Animal RFID Reader works with animal ear tag, glass tag for animal tracking it is best way to track livestock or identify pets and exotics, as well as laboratory animals. This is a low frequency 134.2khz animal rfid tag reader that using wireless identification technology and it supports reading EMID, FDX-B(ISO11784/85) etc. tag.


  • Support all common ISO11784/11785 RFID animal tags
  • The display comes with backlight for easy reading in dark environment
  • Directly read the history data under internal reading mode
  • Low battery alarm function when battery power is lower than 3.7V

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The animal RFID reader for animal tracking provide you a better way to track livestock or identify pets and exotics, as well as laboratory animals.

RFID animal reader support ISO 11784 HDX/FD,the operation frequency is134.2khz.It is low cost RFID reader

This RFID Animal tag reader using high brightness OLED display screen, and can be seen clearly inside the house or under the strong light outside. It can store up to 6000 tag information with its built-in memory, users can send the information to the computer through USB cable or wireless connection to manage data.

This portable rfid reader writer is stable and easy to use, it can be used for animal management, resource management, railway inspection etc.

Primary Applications:

  • Poultry management such as chicken , duck , goose, pigeon etc
  • Livestock and pets management such as cattle , sheep, dog, cat etc
  • High-value fish and aquatic animals management
  • Pet hospital RFID identification
  • Goods counterfeiting


Device Size:238.24*128*25(mm)
Display Size:8 inch
Camera Pixels2 Mega
Camera Focusdistance50-150cm
Processor CPURk3288Quad-core
Processor Local storageLocal storage EMMC8G
Storage capacity:6000 items (tag code & time)
Storage time:> 20 years
Communication interface:USB2.0,wireless HID(optional ),Bluetooth (Optional )
Weight:300g (without batteries)
Operating temperature:-10°C~50 °C
Storage temperature:-30 °C~70 °C
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