Bluetooth RFID reader

Bluetooth RFID reader able read 125khz,1356mhz card/tag and scan 1D,2D barcode


  • USB interface, without external power
  • Read indication LED and Beeper
  • Purse functionality
  • Comply with ISO 11784/85 Protocol
  • Support 125khz, 13.56mhz
  • No need driver

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What is Bluetooth® RFID reader

Our innovative and ergonomic portable Bluetooth® RFID reader is small and lightweight, allowing it to fit conveniently in your pocket. You can take bluetooth® RFID reader to the point of work – whether it’s at the warehouse, on the retail floor, or in-field for maintenance and repair work. DO Bluetooth RFID readers are the perfect, economical choice for when it’s more practical to bring a small RFID reader to your work rather than bringing your work to the RFID readers. Our small Bluetooth RFID reader connects to virtually any Bluetooth® device, allowing our clients to leverage the explosion of smartphone adoption in the mobile workforce.

Our bluetooth® RFID reader able read 125khz ,13.56mhz or UHF card /tag. It with Bluetooth 4.0 Plug and Play USB and barcode scanner in one device. It offers a simple yet powerful solution for customers to reduce inventory overheads. It is similar to the Wearable RFID Reader, but more easy use than it. This handheld Bluetooth RFID reader is designed for mobile applications and is available for both RFID reader and 1D/2D high performance of Barcode scanner. it connects to any devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, tablet, Laptop, desktop via plug and plays Bluetooth connection. No drivers, no software required at all. Just play exactly like a keyboard to output tag or barcode data.

How to operate Bluetooth® RFID reader work?

1. Turn on the Bluetooth to match the BLE to your mobile phone or other devices.

2. Press the home button of the RFID barcode scanner, connect the Bluetooth after the led flash.

3. You can read the RFID card/tag once it showing connect already.

4. Open a file (excel, word, notebook, etc), read RFID card/tag, it will upload UID to the file automatically. Press the home bottom of the Bluetooth RFID scanner to scan the barcode.


Bluetooth® RFID reader Applications:

  • Access control
  • Attendance control
  • Identification
  • Work supervision (access control, work hours monitoring, employee identification, room security)
  • Logistics (process improvements: device identification, logistic process tracking, storage, stock taking )
  • Industry automation (component and intermediate product identification)
  • Theft protection
  • Agriculture (animal identification, breeding place and owner allocation)

Bluetooth® RFID reader Features

  • No need password, easy pairing.
  • Long standby time, when fully charged. (8 hours charging, 3 days standby).
  • Fast transmission, plug, and play.
  • Easy charging with a phone charger.
  • Widely used for Windows, IOS, Android, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.


ModelBluetooth® RFID reader
Support cardsEm4100,TK4100,Mifare 1k,UHF and compatible card
Output format10 digit dec(Defoult output format)
(Allow user to customize the output format)
Power SupplyDC 5V
Operating Distance0mm-100mm(related to the card or the environment)
Service Temperature-10℃ ~ +70℃
Store Temperature-20℃ ~ +80℃
Working humidity<90%
Read time<200ms
Read interval<0.5S
WeightAbout 150G
Barcode types1D,2D
Material of readerABS
Operating SystemWin XP\Win CE\Win 7\Win 10\LIUNX\Vista\Android
Indicators4 Color LEDand Buzzer
(“White” means connect, “Red” means scan barcode ,“Blue” means reader success,“Green” means in charge)
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