20M GPRS integrated Long Range reader 20M GPRS integrated Long Range reader

20M GPRS integrated Long Range reader RS232

UHF RFID Long Range reader with GPS could be applied in various harsh working environment for multiple protocols compatible and high speed reading. Full support the tags of ISO-18000-6C (EPC C1 GEN2) or ISO-18000-6C.The stable reading distance is 25m (Depends on tag and environment).


  • Long-range reader, 232, Wiegand, GPRS coexistence of the three data output.
  • Free warranty for two years, has done CE, FCC certification.
  • The device encryption, authorization card, anti-copy.
  • Clip code installed pole diameter of not more than 6CM.
  • Can add low-temperature treatment,
     to -40 degrees environment, industrial 6000V lightning.

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RFID reader with GPS Description:

Our best passive RFID intelligent intergrated Reader in the world with embedded edge server and a wide selection of interface, including 3G/GSM/GPRS, SMS, Ethernet, USB and Serial. The long range UHF RFID reader has built-in GPS, the location of the reader can be identified when used outdoor. Intergrated RFID reader with GPS is an extremely versatile. all Weather high performance Ruggedized RFID reader with long read range and high read rate.

The RFID reader intergrated with circular polarization, thus allowing it to be deployed in the most extreme dense reader environment or face to face close range deployment or any RFID system.There are many benefits from RFID reader with GPS.More control or tracking something with issued RFID cards or tag.RFID reader function working even in no GSM/3G signal area

If there is no GSM/3G signal, the RFID ID verification part in gps tracking device would still function normally, meanwhile it saves RFID data in memory for future data transmission if 3g/GSM signal is ok again.GPS builted in RFID reader will recorde the history traces and anti theft.


  • Transportation vehicle management: Monitor and manage the transportation of vehicle and container.
  • Custom management: custom clearance and transit of material.
  • Logistic management: manage the flow of commodity, mail and package.
  • Manufacturing sequence: monitor parts during the whole productive process.
  • Device management: monitor the flow of device.
Item No.
Performance Parameters
Working Frequency902~928 MHz or 865~868MHz
ProtocolISO18000-6C(EPC C1 GEN2)
RF power0~30dBm(Adjustable)
Software & SDKDEMO and C#, VC, VB, Java, DELPH, etc.,
EncryptionCan be directly encrypted, copy prevention.
Reading rangestable reading range 25M(Depends on tag & environment)
Industrial lightning protection6000V
Low temperature protectionNortheast, Northwest extremely cold region, low temperature protection
Frequency modulationhopping or fixed frequency
Input/output portTwo-way relay output(customized), one-way trigger input
Antenna gain12dBi polarization
Working wayBuzzer
Power12V/3A Adaptor
Physical Parameters
Item size450x450x50mm
Package size600x480x110mm
Net weight5KG
Shell materialABS
Working temperature-20℃~+65℃
Storage temperature-45℃~+95℃
Custom Long Range RFID tag
1 meter RFID reader
Long Range RFID Antenna
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