UHF Desktop USB Card Reader UHF Desktop USB Card Reader

RFID UHF reader writer

Desktop USB RFID UHF reader writer is portable rfid reader writer for program and encode ISO 18000 6c RFID cards and RFID tags.It is low cost RFID reader.

It has a high sensitivity, low operating current, single DC power supply, low price, high performance.

This product can read card, write card, authorization, formatting and other operations.

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Desktop USB RFID UHF reader writeris widely used in a variety of RFID systems. The main applications are:

  • logistics and warehousing management: the flow of goods and storage management and mail, parcels, transport luggage, such as the flow management
  • Intelligent parking management: car park management and charging automation
  • The production line management: the identification of the production process sentinel
  • Other areas: library management, attendance management, asset management systems


Physical Parameters:
Size142mm x 85mm x 20mm
Performance parameters:
Working frequency902~928mhz or865~868mhz
Supporting protocolEPC C1 GEN2 ISO18000 - 6C
Radio power0 - 17 dbm
Reading range0 - 60cm
Writing range0 - 10cm
Communication interfaceUSB
Key board outputsupport
PowerUSB supply
Environment Parameters:
Working temperature- 20 ℃ - 55℃
Store temperature- 20 ℃ - 55℃
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