RFID reader antenna

DO RFID reader manufactory produce a wide range of antennas to fit an equally RFID long range of tags, readers, and systems. These includes RFID reader UHF antennas, RFID patch antennas, RFID linear or circular polarized antennas,indoor&outdoor antennas, shelving&cabinet antennas. Each RFID reader antenna has different strengths, and each fits specific types of systems.

These advanced RFID reader antenna provide an additional layer of business intelligence at every transition point in your facility that allows you to more tightly manage your inventory to prevent lost sales, stock outs, theft and unplanned downtime on the manufacturing plant floor.Our RFID reader antenna delivers the high-performance, capacity and range you need to track dense product traffic quickly and accurately, even in large application areas.Whether you are a retailer, distributor or system intergrator, We’re here to help assist you in selecting the best RFID antenna for your application, so please contact us with any questions you may have.


Circularly polarized or linear polarized antennas.

Rugged, ultra heavy duty construction.

IP 67 rated.

Weather and UV resistant radome.

High performance in a small package.

Wide range of connector and cable options.

Left hand and right hand CP versions.

Low profile.

Extremely low VSWR and axial ratio.


Warehouse Management


Field Mobility


Selection of Long Range RFID Readers

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