RFID Reader Writer 13.56Mhz

As a professional RFID reader supplier, DO RFID Group over have successfully supplied to over 1,000,000 RFID card readers across the world every year, with several million card holders benefitting from DO RFID Group every day.

DO RFID reader manufacturer have a wealth of experience in the development, manufacture, and delivery of innovative, reliable and cost-effective integrated access control proximity Card reader, Mifare card reader for applications across the world offering a broad range of benefits to organizations of any size.

Many of our RFID products have been developed to work seamlessly with other security and access control systems to provide customers with the maximum return on their investment.

Our product portfolio ranges from stand-alone, entry-level products right through to sophisticated multi-application RFID products. This includes a wide selection of mifare card reader writer, RFID mifare reader with USB-keyboard emulation, Desktop mifare reader, laptop/mobile mifare card reader, programmable mifare card readers, door access readers together with products developed for specific sector applications.

With every development that we bring to market, we ensure that our RFID products are easy to set up and to use. We aim to provide customers with the advance RFID products and supports that allow them to keep pace with today's needs and tomorrow's challenges.

Contact us to find out more about D.O RFID Group, our business and approach, our range of products and support services, the market sectors we operate in and the benefits that we can bring to a wide range of projects and applications.


These RFID card reader provide a robust, flexible and highly secure solution. Available in a range of formats to suit individual project needs

Comprehensive range - offering a various RFID reader writers for any smart card based system

Multifunction- Chip Serial Number (CSN) and Sector reader Configuration and programming tool available for user convenience and added security

Desktop enrolment reader allows CSN data to be easily entered into any Windows application


Multiple applications - including cashless vending, library

services, POS and car parking

May be used for internal and external applications

Provides visual and audible confirmation of card status

Selection of RFID Reader Writers

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