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DO RFID Reader manufacturer is a largest UHF RFID reader supplier.

All of our UHF RFID readers are easy to deploy, use, and manage,RFID UHF 860-960 mhz long range RFID reader with high performance is ideally suited for global enterprise RFID deployment in space-constrained, customer-facing environments.

It boasts a compact design married with a set of highly integrated, interface features including: RS232,TCPIP,GPRS, Weigand, USB, and application-specific set-up for ease of intergration; power over Ethernet (POE) to eliminate the need for costly power drops; and advanced features for secure data transmission.

This unique combination makes the UHF RFID readers particularly well-suited for retail inventory and enterprise asset management applications in any environment where RFID deployment requires a small footprint.

To achieve maximum visibility and efficiency in your most rugged environments, your operation needs an RFID UHF readers and some RFID reader antennas that can keep up with the high volume and wide variety of pallets, cases and tagged items that go in, out and through your warehouse and dock doors each day.

Now, get the performance and features you need to handle it all with our UHF RFID readers. With industry-leading read rates, exceptional read accuracy and superior RF sensitivity, it takes to automate nearly every aspect of your inventory management — from receiving and putaway to picking and shipping — without errors or bottlenecks. our RFID readeris the industry-best performance your operation needs at a price you can afford.

These UHF RFID readers purposefully designed to deliver industry best read rates and accuracy for the highest volumes of tags in the most challenging RFID environments, whatever if you are retailer, distributor or manufacturer, items are always on the move throughout your facility. These readers with 4 port, 8 port,32 port that can for connecting up to 4,8 or 32 RFID reader antennas


RFID reader manufacturer produced RFID readers in UHF Gen 2 860Mhz-960Mhz what is the standard frequency range used throughout the European Union and countries following EU standards. It with long read range from 1 meters to 30 metrs. They are Industrial and installation-friendly RFID readers,Easily configured and upgradable, high Performance, easy to deploy and easy to RFID software.

Most of the UHF RFID readers have an Impinj directional antenna and the read range from 1M to 30m, This rugged UHF RFID reader has an IP 40, IP50, and IP64 ratings with plastic cover housing which allows outstanding performance even in the most challenging environments. IP 65 rating is also provided with some of these readers by which the readers are protected from water, dust, and shock. and has various communication interfaces such as Wi-Fi, USB, GPRS, Ethernet, RJ45, RS232, RS 485.This standalone UHF reader has adjustable output power, supports global frequency standards, and is an excellent tool to aid in the testing and validating of applications.

These RFID readers have multi-detection capability and can read 500tags per second. Long Range RFID readers have UHF RFID readers are popularly deployed in environments where there is a need to track large or high-value assets across large areas and spaces. These UHF RFID readers can be used in different applications such as personnel tracking,fixed asset management, asset tracking, vehicle inspection, outdoor patrolling vehicles, vehicle tracking, industrial production process control, logistic, inventory management, cargo tracking management, warehouse management, shop floor management, class management, anti-counterfeiting and access control, supply chain management,closed loop asset tracking,Anti-counterfeiting and Parking

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