Wearable RFID Reader


  • Support BLE Bluetooth conmunication
  • Continuous working time: 7 hours or reading 20,000 times)
  • Charging interface: MICRO-USB, 5V-500mA
  • Frequency: 13.56MHz or 860-960Mhz
  • Battery capacity: 65mAh
  • Support the Secondary Development

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Wristband is a fashion accessory for most people. As a high reputation RFID manufacturer, we add the RFID reader into a fashion wristband, and then it became a wearable RFID reader with Bluetooth . You can use it for E-payment, E- ticket, access control or identification.

After then, the fashion wristband becomes a wearable RFID wristband reader. As most RFID systems need cheap wearable RFID readers for inventory, tracking or access controls applications, so we developed the silicone wristband with an RFID reader inside.

But today, we launched this new wristband with an RFID reader inside. This wearable RFID reader is exactly the same as a wristband, easy to carry, and easy to collect/transfer data. It is more convenient than other RFID wearable reader only can fix on the wrist, and it is not so big as the RFID glove reader.

Detachable RFID reader and silicone wristband let user can change any wristband what they like, and user can use the reader independent

In order to meet all popular RFID applications, we designed an NFC reader and UHF RFID reader

The NFC reader support ISO14443A/B, ISO15693 and other multi-protocols, the operation frequency is 13.56MHz.

Wearable NFC reader has good compatibility with NFC tag reading and Bluetooth communication. It compatible with Bluetooth enable device such as mobile phones and tablets. There are different experiences in the use of RFID technology for warehouse inventories or asset tracking. However, there is future work to do on the design of advanced reading devices, applying wearable computation techniques and wireless communications. The aim of this work is to allow a natural interaction for the user who performs inventory tasks.

Wearable UHF RFID reader is designed to read and write to G2 UHF tag and communicate with a variety of host devices via Bluetooth® wireless technology. The RFID reader chipset is optimized for low power consumption whilst still providing excellent performance in a small and convenient form factor.

One of the only wearable RFID readers on the market, welcome contact us to get sample.


DO RFID Reader manufacturer is belong DO RFID Group who specilized in RFID readers.We design and produce all passive RFID readers contain low frequency RFID readers, High frequency RFID readers and UHF readers.

We have developed a Wearable RFID Reader that combion the featur of easy to wear wristband and proximity reader.

The wearable rfid wristband reader comply with NFC or UHF, the battery capacity is 65mAh,the low consume make the long work time, you can re-charge by MICRO-USB interface,70 minutes charge time enough for working 7 hours or reading 20000 times and standby 30days, equie reading 20000times.

The Wearable RFID Reader support ultra-low power automatic sleep,It is wristband form but it with good read and write performance for RFID cards and RFID tags ,the reading distance can reach 0-12cm.

The wearable rfid reader communicate with BLE Bluetooth Android/iOS mobile phone devices 4.0.


  • Battery capacity: 65mAh
  • Charging interface: MICRO-USB, 5V-500mA
  • Charging time: 70 minutes
  • Standby time: 30 days
  • Continuous working time: 7 hours (reading nearly 20,000 times)
  • Q Value: 30 ± 2%
  • Working Frequency: 13.56MHz or 860-960Mhz
  • Reading speed: 106kbps, 212kbps, 424kpbs
  • With ultra-low power automatic sleep
  • It has good read and write performance for NFC tag and UHF RFID tag
  • Reading distance : NFC 1-5cm,UHF :1-5meter.
  • Value Added

  • Communicate with BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Android/IOS mobile phone devices
  • The communication speed :1k byte data transfer is completed within 1 second.
  • There is no loss or error during reading and writing 1k bytes of data at a time.
  • BLE version connection time is 1 second (scan + connection).
  • The indicator indicates the status, the indicator is off to indicate standby, the green light is flashing to indicate that it is not connected, and the green light is off to indicate that it is connected.
  • Red light is on while charging, red light is off once finished charging
  • Blue light is flashing on while read succesfull ,Green ligh is on when actived a card
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