What are the RFID components used in the IOT smart rfid car parking system

What are the RFID components used in the IOT smart RFID parking system

RFID parking system and software is perfect for automatic parking control, get right of entry to manage, door entry systems parking lots, garages, campuses, gated communities, the automated opening of a barrier, gate.

RFID Parking system is based on RFID technologies that implements 24-hour monitoring, automatic calculation of vacant slots, digital registration of in-out processes, access control.

The Parking Control RFID System features by mechanically opening gates and barriers exclusively for permit holders except for the want for remote controls and regardless of climate conditions.

RFID parking system is the permitted passage without stopping by RFID card. If you are using the proximity HF card and reader for your parking system, you have to stop to get a card on entering the gate and swipe a card on the exit gate.

Our RFID UHF 860-960 mhz reader and UHF RFID tags with long read distance. They can help your RFID parking management definitely automatic that opens gates and parking barriers, without pressing any buttons or using any remote controls.

When a car approaches a gate or parking barrier, a tag is automatically identified by a reader that opens a gate or a barrier.

Long range UHF RFID reader can get specific information about the car and its owner. Parking lots, garages, campuses, and gated communities from long-range RFID tags, then switch to your RFID Parking software.

The RFID readers can provide timely and accurate information of every vehicle entry into the lot and exit from the lot, including when payments are made, at what station and how these payments are completed.


  • Hands-free & Automated
  • Hands free
  • Water resistance
  • Weatherproof
  • passive UHF RFID tag don't needed for charging
  • RFID card, RFID tag, RFID sticker is attached at any visible or invisible area inner a car
  • Low price of a card (tags)

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