What is the temperature scanning kiosk

What is the temperature scanning kiosk

COVID 19 has affected our lives and our economies. People's spaces including offices, community centers, supermarkets, warehouses, classrooms, theaters, sports venues, and restaurants have all but been shut down in order to preserve social isolation and restrict the spread of the virus.

When companies and organizations re-open to bring our economy back on track, ensuring the health of workers and consumers is their first priority. Government re-opening recommendations require monitoring of people at elevated temperatures. Although there are many methods and techniques for taking temperature measurements, there are few effective non-contacts and contact methods for screening people in public areas. Screening for fever is not foolproof and is not an indication of an infectious disease. Only a medical practitioner may make a diagnosis of the disease.

We provide temperature scanning kiosks for use in access control protection systems and public intake pre-scanning systems incorporating face recognition and identification, card intake, and skin temperature scanning to protect the health and well-being of staff, tourists, and patrons.

Disclaimer: Please note that the temperature scanning kiosk mentioned here are for elevated skin temperature screening only. They can not detect COVID 19 or other viruses, nor do they recognize virus carriers such as asymptotic people with no symptoms.

Such instruments are not clinical-grade thermometers approved by the FDA. These are to be used for the initial rapid screening of people at elevated skin temperatures, one person at a time.

face temperature tests from such instruments should not be used exclusively or mainly to diagnose or exclude the diagnosis of disease. Elevated skin temperature as measured by these instruments must be checked by a secondary non-contact infrared thermometer (NCIT) or an FDA approved clinical-grade contact thermometer.

Temperature scanning kiosk

Our non-contact facial recognition thermometer and access control system uses AI-based facial identification and recognition to recognize the employee and perform an IR thermal scan on the forehead to determine whether the person has elevated skin temperature. The system produces both audio and visual notifications that warn the workers when the specified temperature level is reached and sends an email to the designated mailbox.

The face recognition thermometer temperature kiosk can be configured to measure temperature or measure temperature AND grant access to known individuals using face recognition. The device can be integrated with Weigand and card access control systems. Please note: the FDA recommends that elevated temperature is confirmed using an approved FDA thermometer. The temperature scanning kiosk uses a Haisi thermopile sensor array that delivers accurate temperature readings, +-0.5C / 0.9F, at a range of 1-3 feet and supports a temperature adjusting field to compensate for AI-based facial detection is used to position the user for scanning their temperature from the forehead and to identify the person as an employee, visitor, or stranger. This feature is useful for workplaces where you want to recognize and measure your employees' temperatures. This information can also be recorded in a cloud-based or internal server-based central database management system.

The two types depending on your specific use case and size of the organization.

The small-medium business type is ideal for small businesses who just want to take temperature samples from anyone entering their facility. The unit is configured to stand alone without any need for network connectivity. Its management is done locally using the device management program on the device.

The Enterprise model is designed for larger organizations with numerous devices distributed around their company. Devices are usually configured in a networked configuration) with remote management software installed on a PC desktop/server to control devices in a central location. The server is accessed through a browser. The Enterprise model supports many other optional features such as the RFID Proximity Card Reader, Power over Ethernet (POE), door access control integration, and versatile mounting options.

The unit is ideal for office buildings, factories, farms, educational institutions, retirement homes and any location where traditional access control systems are used to provide access to facilities.

Key Features

AI-based facial recognition for user identification

With high-resolution cameras that perform fast and accurate facial recognition. You can recognize employees, visitors, and strangers and accordingly define policies that work for your institution. The system supports up to 30,000 faces on the tablet or unlimited faces on the central server.

RFID Card based user identification

It supports built-in 125KHz HID Proximity Card reader that allows you to use your RFID cards for user identification. This optional capability allows you to use either facial recognition or your existing RFID cards for user identification and access control.

IR Thermal Body Temperature scanner for accurate measurement

accurate to the accuracy of +/- 0.5C (0.9F) at a range of 1-3 feet. Using facial detection technology, the thermal sensor takes readings from the forehead area.

Attendance Management

The unit supports attendance management capability where employee and staff can log their clock in and clock out times. All the times are logged along with the temperature record in the backend database for reporting & analysis. Facial recognition or NFC card is used to identify the person.

Integration with door or turnstile gates for automated access

The device supports multiple interfaces such as Weigand, serial, USB, and ethernet for integration and control of turnstile gates and doors.

Cloud-based management

The device can be fully managed by both public or private clouds. The Remote Management System provides administration and monitoring capabilities for devices that are deployed in the facility. The Application can be deployed in a public cloud or on a server hosted on the local network.

Temperature Scanning Kiosk Application

Standalone single person temperature scan.

In this case, a person can be directed to the unit to scan the temperature only. A temperature alert is generated on the unit with an audible alarm when elevated body temperature is detected. There is no need to connect to the network for this use case unless an email is desired.

Standalone single person temperature scan with face recognition to identify employees/staff or visitors. In this case, facial recognition can identify the user as a registered employee or as a visitor. In addition, you can also record, and store temperature measurements were taken for each person in the database for further analysis. Network connectivity to the back end Remote Management System is required.

Integration with turnstile or doors for automated access. You can deploy the unit so users with elevated skin temperatures are locked out from entry to the facility. The device supports Integration with turnstile or doors via Weigand, RS485, Ethernet interfaces.

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