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RFID technology is another tool in an emerging trend of modern security and asset-management systems in the car rental industry. vehicle RFID tags and vehicle rfid reader help automate inventory control while eliminating the use of clunky, expensive handheld barcode scanner guns.

our customers driving off your rental lot without having to stop and wait for your employee to scan vehicles with a radar gun and wave them through the exit. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in car rental operations is making this scenario a reality.

In the past, the vehicle RFID tag was a viable concept but was too expensive to implement. Two to three years ago, an RFID tag consisted of a little box that cost $30 to $50. The technology has advanced to the point where RFID tags have been reduced to the size of a mailing label, are made of paper, and are much cheaper. Now the price range of 0.1USD-0.5 USD.

RFID vehicle tracking systems are already used to track trucks and trailers in shipping yards, highway toll collection cards and subway passes. One independent rental company has embraced RFID technology.

The company uses an RFID based vehicle tracking and monitoring system that automatically tracked vehicles, streamlined operations, and improved employee accountability.

Install the vehicle RFID tags on the car. The RFID tags store data such as the vehicle's make, model, color, gas capacity, and physical location. An individual RFID tag costs $5.50 to $7 depending on the size and type of tag. The tags can be activated or deactivated through an RFID vehicle tracking software system

The vehicle RFID tags connect via radio waves to the vehicle RFID reader on the rental lot that reads the data stored on the tags. When a vehicle with a tag passes within the vicinity of a vehicle RFID reader, the RFID reader picks up the RFID tag data and relays it to an RFID based vehicle tracking and monitoring system that tracks the activity of vehicles.

the vehicle RFID reader is UHF long range RFID reader that has a range of 15 to 90 feet and price about $99- $499 each. They usually come in weather-resistant cases and can be placed on pedestals, poles, walls, or ceilings. UHF Long range RFID Readers are typically installed at a lot's entrance and exit, but they can also be installed in multiple locations on larger lots.

Employees use the RFID vehicle tracking system to authorize a vehicle RFID reader tag to leave the lot, which can automatically trigger the exit gate to open. This allows a customer to drive off the property without being checked out by an employee with a barcode scanner gun.

While the initial cost and setup of an RFID based vehicle tracking and monitoring system is capital intensive, the program can help a rental operation streamline its inventory management, improve employee accountability and reduce labor and equipment.

How to get RFID tags for car?

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RFID Vehicle Tags offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations like a gated community, company/corporate secured parking, or even a car wash who has RFID vehicle tracking system.

The RFID based vehicle tracking and monitoring system including vehicle RFID reader, vehicle RFID tags.

The vehicle RFID tags utilize passive technology and are either encased in a hardshell or encapsulated between thin layers of polypropylene adding human readable printing to one side and a windshield-compatible adhesive to the other. A destructible option with strategically placed slits in the label and adhesive layers is also available.

The RFID tag on car windshield that mounted on windshields, headlights, or in the driver's possession allows for secure authorization and entry to gated communities or private parking lots. Additionally, RFID tags for trucks, trucking, and scale operations help companies to quickly weigh a truck's full and empty tare weight to determine how much material has been loaded, which helps in the efficiency of billing.

RFID vehicle tracking is particularly suited to systems working with unregistered vehicles or where identifying trailers is an important element of the system. Vehicle RFID Readers provide systems with the ability to identify vehicles from a distance, making for quicker scans and less downtime. Along with an RFID selected batch, vehicles can be checked out on-demand, and by using RFID vehicle tracking tags, those same vehicles can be quickly checked back in again.

­­RFID vehicle tags are also used by car dealerships to more efficiently track, locate, and identify their inventory of vehicles, as well as customer cars in for repair, maintaining a smooth workflow. With RFID tags for vehicle identification, dealerships can record and view real-time status and location of vehicles, providing a much-desired solution to a long-time issue. These RFID tags will enhance the productivity of your dealerships, reducing errors, and having access to all the data you need, all the time.

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