How RFID stickers work?

RFID stickers, also called RFID labels, are an RFID smart tag for tagging and tracking consumer products, monitoring inventories and handling other RFID applications.

DO RFID tag manufacturer is an RFID expert and have a full machine which produces the RFID sticker inlays and RFID stickers. In the last 16 years, we produced the RFID sticker inlays and RFID stickers to many thousands of the biggest brands nationwide. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process of getting the right RFID inlay for your sticker and getting the perfect RFID sticker for your RFID solutions.

How RFID stickers work?

RFID is radio frequency identification. The RFID sticker is not the same as the bar codes label, RFID sticker doesn’t require a line of sight between a label and a scanning device. As the RFID technology uses radio waves to collect and send information, but the bar codes label collect and send data with a visual scan.

The long-range RFID readers can read RFID stickers 200pcs one second, the read range up to 30 meters, that's mean you install a wide range reader or hand an RFID reader, you can read 200 pcs/second RFID sticker no need vision and moving.

Advantage of RFID stickers

What makes RFID stickers special is their ability to transmit information to a networked system. You don't need the individually scan each item using UPC codes and barcode scanners, you can use RFID systems in coordination with RFIDs to locate and identify your products, automatically log your inventory and get actionable logistics data. They’re a highly efficient means of managing inventory, and today, they open up opportunities for new mobile payment systems.

RFID sticker applications

For years, manufacturers have used RFID sticker to track their products through every step of the producing, shipping, delivery and purchasing process. Today, RFID stickers are becoming a standard part of the retail chain and are also being used in security applications, baggage tracking, pharmaceuticals, retail medical devices, and healthcare products.

Big brand retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Best Buy and others, use RFID tags to track their products and sales, and many retailers now require suppliers to outfit products with RFIDs. As more and more consumers make purchases with mobile apps, such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay, RFID sticker technology will become even more standard in the label printing process.

What we can help you with RFID sticker application

We embed RFID chip into RFID antenna, it is RFID inlay, if some customer needs the RFID inlay only, we can produce the RFID dry inlay or RFID wet inlay. If customer needs the RFID sticker, we laminate the RFID inlay with paper material and die-cut to RFID stickers. More importantly, we help customer identify the best way to put RFID inaly into your regular labels without compromising design. We work with the leading manufacturers of RFID inlays, such as Avery Dennison, Impinj, and Alien. We use their RFID chip and we design our own antenna. Our RFID stickers in different frequency :

125khz RFID tag sticker, as the antenna is copper coil, so usually the thickness is 0.9mm, but DO RFID tag manufacturer can make it in 0.5mm thickness.

13.56mhz NFC stickers, as the antenna is Etched antenna,so the thickness will be 0.15mm. NFC tag stickers usually use for E- payment, Media sharing, tracking, etc., for the different application, DO RFID tag factory custom NFC including ntag213 stickers,ntag215 stickers,ntag216stickers, they are with different memory and price.

UHF RFID sticker, it is long distance RFID tag for inventory management. This is the cheapest RFID stickers among 3 RFID stickers. DO RFID tag manufacturer offered the price at $0.04/unit.

The RFID stickers including be unprinted thermal label, printable NFC stickers, programmable RFID stickers formats.

DO RFID sticker manufacturer Meet ISO 9001-2000 process standards to ensure the absolute highest quality and consistency from product to product

We Create custom-designed inlays to ensure max effectiveness for your application,please see more RFID tags for various RFID applications.

  • Tamper proof RFID tags
  • RFID tags for inventory
  • smallest rfid tags
  • NFC LED sticker
  • logger NFC stickers
  • We offer 100% verified product that meets the rigorous demands of local or foreign government regulation

    As an approved vendor with the biggest retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Target, Safeway and others, we’re experienced in meeting all retail requirements. We help you through the complexities of RFID orders, help you improve your inventory and deliver RFID labels that fit your products. All while providing an excellent customer experience.

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