RFID tags for plants

RFID tags for plants

his RFID Plant tag is made for use outside


  • EPC C1 GEN2(ISO 18000-6C) Protocol
  • Waterproof& moisture proof
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Reliable read and write capability
  • Tapered cut design and easy to insert into soil

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RFID tags for plants Description

RFID tags could be put on a plant's stem or branch. It is very helpful for keeping track of trees, plants, and seedlings so that the right logistic management can be done and an inventory can be done quickly.

This RFID Plant tag is made for use outside. It has a tapered shape and is easy to put into the soil. Once it is in the soil, the length of the RFID tag helps it stay in place. These RFID tags for plants are used for many things, like growing and keeping track of flowers, potted plants, vegetables, fruits, medicines, and so on. They can also be used to classify and keep track of the soil. They can also be used as a small signboard in the park. The RFID plant tags can record much more accurate information about the ancient trees in a park or forest, such as the name of the ancient tree, its age, what it is, if it has moved or not, if it is still alive, and so on. This helps us keep an eye on the trees in a more thorough and reasonable way. In addition, this. This UHF RFID plant tree tag has a long reading range and a long life. Each tag has a unique UID code, so each plant will have its own unique identifier. It can be used to print barcodes, QR codes, and UID or EPC codes.

When growers put RFID tags on their plants, they can quickly and easily count how many plants they have without having to scan each label. Businesses can also keep track of how their plants are cared for and moved throughout their lives. We offer custom RAIN RFID labels, RFID pot stakes, and RFID tags to help your customers keep track of and manage all of their plants.

With RFID technology, radio frequency identification wrap tags can be used to track and log data. This lets growers keep an eye on the stages and growth of every plant in a greenhouse. Shipping containers with RFID tags will make it possible to track crops all the way from the field to the market. When it comes to identifying and keeping track of your assets, an RFID tag gives you a lot of options.

RFID tags for plants can be used to keep track of fruits, flowers, vines, vineyards, and other plants.

RFID Plant Management Tags are the RFID tags that flowers, plants, and vegetables use to be able to keep track of them. Because they are waterproof, these RFID plant tags can also be used in other situations where a waterproof tag in this shape is needed. Designed for close-range applications (up to 60 mm) and can be used with a handheld CF reader or an RFID-enabled data terminal.

RFID tags for plants are available at HF, NFC, and UHF frequencies. They save a lot of time, make it easier to keep track of stock, keep track of how often plants are treated, and make it mathematically certain that a plant was sent to the right customer.

Custom RFID tags for plants

Printing: black-and-white or four-color offset printing, starting with a vector-formatted graphic layout from the customer. Printing of a UID or EPC code, a progressive serial code from a database or not, or a file. xls; barcodes printing, QRCode. On-demand, you can get more customization options.

Chip memory encoding: Encoding of EPC code of RFID UHF transponders, HF and UHF tag memory write, and also from database provided by the client. A password can be used to lock content for a short time or for good. In the database, the EPC code and the TID code are linked. UID code and progressive/barcode association.

Primary Applications:

  • Ttree managment
  • Plants managment
  • Tracking
ItemRFID tags for plants
Dimension100*59mm or custom size as required
Available chipLF/UHF/HF13.56mhz : 1k , ultralight,ultralight ev1,ntag203 ,NTAG210,NTAG213,
Product technologyLogo printing : silk printing
Number printed will be available ( Serial No & Chip UID)
Collect UID code excel,text file etc.
Chip program/encode will be available as well ( URL ,TEXT ,Number and Vcard)
Epoxy, Customize size and shape , Hole punch etc
AntennaCopper & etching Aluminum material
Applicationtrack, bridge inspection, metal parts traceability
advertisement, park, souvenir, decoration, activity, election, assembly, club, bar, concert,
open air festival, summer break, winter break, etc.
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