Animal RFID tag

D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer s RFID animal tags help manage and safeguard livestock, pets, lab animals and products in the food supply chain.


  • Waterproof IP 68
  • Anti-allergic Material
  • Flexible & easy-to-wear
  • 100, 000 times reading & writing

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Animal RFID tag Description

D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer fully automated production processes ensure consistent tag quality and reliability. Patented direct-bonding technology enables more compact tag designs and optimized read ranges, delivering exceptional size-to-performance ratios while ensuring consistent animal identification and RFID tracking performance.

RFID Animal Identification Tag is an innovative RFID ear tag, RFID glass tag based on UHF technology, designed to track livestock, breeding stock and laboratory animals involved in costly research projects.

Tried and tested in rigorous field testing, our Animal Identification Tags provide top performance for the entire animal life cycle, even in harsh outdoors conditions.

Primary Applications:

  • Animal management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Farm Management
  • Live stock identification
  • Animal tracking
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