long range rfid bracelet

Long Range RFID bracelet

Long Range RFID bracelet can be widely applied in swimming pool, theme park, marathon, hospital management, membership management and loyalty program and access control management etc. Besides, we also provide programming and encoding services which exactly fit customer’s programming or encoding requirements.


  • Good Ideal for concerts
  • Programmable for layered access control
  • Stored value for a digital wallet or cashless transactions
  • Social media integration
  • Available with customized programming for database development and biz intel

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Primary Applications:

  • concerts
  • Hospital
  • Event
  • Access control
  • E-ticket


Are you looking for a long range RFID bracelet for your RFID tracking& Identification? If you read our RFID guide, you will know the human body will block the RFID bracelet signal when wearing it. How to solve this problem?

DO RFID tag manufacturer develop this long range RFID bracelet.

What is the difference between the non- RFID wristband and RFID -equipped wristband?

Usually, the RFID-enabled wristbands look like a common festival wristband,but it with RFID chip inside, the long range RFID reader can read the long range RFID bracelet from more than 5 meters and can be read all long range RFID wristband in bulk one time. It helps customers to save much time for ticket checking or identification.

This silicone long range RFID bracelet is cleverly designed with special construction, there are many tentacles inside the wristband. This is the secret why this long range RFID bracelet can be read when wearing it (other common RFID wristbands can not be read). The reading distance reaches 6-7 meter by long range RFID reader, 3-4 meter by a RFID handheld reader. As the read distance will almost always be related to the RFID reader, RFID tag set up and the environmental factors that you are working with. I am glad to deliver samples to you for testing.

Long range RFID bracelet is made of environmentally-friendly silicone material, which is comfortable to wear, beautiful in appearance and decorative. It is a passive tag, so it doesn't need batteries.

Long range RFID bracelets made using waterproof silicone molded over an encapsulated tag with a specially designed long range UHF chip inside. UHF chip with big memory for encoding.

Long range RFID bracelets are easily adjustable for any sized and available with custom branding, and in different colors.

Long range RFID bracelets Typical applications include use at play areas, the beach, at pools, waterparks gyms, and clubs. These wristbands can also be used for RFID access control and stored credit applications where a waterproof RFID wristband is required.

If you’re holding events or managing access-controlled venues, then it’s time to replace barcoded tickets or credentials with this long range RFID bracelet .

DO RFID tag manufacturer produced various RFID wristbands are ideal for concerts and programmable for layered access control, stored value and social media integration. RFID wristbands make barcoded tickets obsolete, with faster access management and customized programming for database development and business intelligence. Please kindly contact us.

MOQ:100 pcs
Available technology:soft PVC: silk screen printing;
laser engrave
debossed logo
Chip Available:UHF 860~960 MHz
Protocol EPC Global C1G2 ISO 18000-6C
Lead time:7-10 working days
Sample Availability:Free samples are available upon request
WaterproofIP 68
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