Mifare DESFire tag

Mifare DESFire tag factory produces the RFID sticker, RFID label & NFC tags for smart labeling solutions. We use a specialist insertion machine to convert a regular label into a smart label by applying an RFID or NFC tag to the rear.


  • ISO14443A/ISO15693 Protocol
  • Read distance 8-15cm
  • 100,000 Programming cycles
  • 50 years data retention

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MIFARE DESFire tag description

Our manufacturer is the largest MIFARE DESFire tag supplier in China.

The MIFARE DESFire tag is a special release of NXP SmartMX platform. Featuring an on-chip backup management system and the triple Des authentication, a MIFARE DESFire tag can store and hold up to 28 different applications and 16 files per application.

The MIFARE DESFire tag manufacturer designed MIFARE DESFire tag for multi-application, such as public transportation, physical access control, and e-government programs. By delivering the perfect balance of cost efficiency, MIFARE DESFire tag open concept allows future tailored integration of varied forms such as NFC Keyfobs, NFC smartwatch, NFC paper tickets, and NFC mobile phones with Near Field Communication technology.

our high speed manufacturing process and in-house design and development team, can deliver everything from small quantities of MIFARE DESFire tag for pilot application tests right through to larger runs of into the millions of RFID stickers,RFID labels per year.

Mifare DESFire tag operates by Mifare DESFire reader, the max distance of up to 100mm and in accordance with the international standard ISO14443A perfectly meets mid-end transportation segment needs, including security and cost-effectiveness. It features a 4Kbyte non-volatile memory, a high-speed triple-DES data encryption co-processor, a flexible memory organization structure, a mutual 3-pass authentication technique, a true random number generator, and an anti-tear mechanism to guarantee data integrity during contactless transactions.

Why you have to buy Mifare DESFire tag ?

Contactless Mifare DESFire tag credentials, like MIFARE DESFire NFC tag and key fobs, are built on industry-standard contactless technology, provide robust security across multiple applications, and the open architecture allows for easy installation and implementation.

These cost-effective contactless Mifare DESFire tag credentials are more powerful and secure than proximity ID cards, and provide 100x faster read speeds with 100x greater storage capacity.

Why purchase from Mifare DESFire tag supplier

Our manufactuer also offer customers the option to overprint and/or encode their Mifare DESFire tag with their own unique information. Our expertise lies in designing technical Mifare DESFire tag to perform in the most challenging of environments

This commitment to deliver quality Mifare DESFire tag is further backed up by our ability to 100% test Mifare DESFire tag during the manufacturing process and either mark or replace any failures, or both, depending on the specific requirements of your application.

We provide the most diverse and flexible line of asset tag stickers and RFID readers, backed with more than 17 years of RFID development and manufacturing expertise. Innovative engineering, patented processes and ISO 9001-2010 certified facilities ensure DO RFID Group is your trusted supplier for RFID.

Find out suitable RFID tag for your application and contact our expert !

Primary Applications:

  • NFC: cashless payment, bluetooth speaker control, etc
  • Non-stop electronic toll collection
  • Logistics
  • Medicine
  • Supermarket


ItemMIFARE DESFire tag
Materialcoated paper, thermal paper, PP synthetic paper, PET,PVC, Writing Paper(Accept Customized)
Dimensioncustom size as required
Available chipMIFARE DESFire EV1 2k ,4k, 8k,16k and MIFARE DESFire EV2 2k ,4k, 8k,16k and Mifare plus ev1
Mifare plus SE , Mifare Plus S,Mifare plus X
Product technologyLogo printing : Digit printing, offset printing and silk printing
Number printed will be available ( Serial No & Chip UID)
Collect UID code excel,text file etc.
Chip program/encode will be available as well ( URL ,TEXT ,Number and Vcard)
Epoxy, Customize size and shape , Hole punch etc
AntennaCopper & etching Aluminum material
ApplicationEvent, festival, wedding, election, playground, promotional or business gift,
advertisement, park, souvenir, decoration, activity, election, assembly, club, bar, concert,
open air festival, summer break, winter break, etc.
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