MIFARE UltraLight® ev1 paper ticket

MIFARE UltraLight® ev1 paper ticket

MIFARE UltraLight® ev1 paper ticket used in single-trip paper tickets, the way is open to completely integrated, truly cash-free systems for transport service providers.


  • Higher customer throughput
  • Lower maintenance costs for the infrastructure
  • Reduced cash handling
  • NFC Forum Tag Type 2

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MIFARE UltraLight® ev1 paper ticket is Mifare member and complies with NFC forum 2. It with a memory of 384-bit or 1024-bit freely available user Read, Write area (12 or 32 pages). MIFARE UltraLight® ev1designed for simple integration and user convenience which allows complete ticketing transactions to be handled in less than 35 ms.

MIFARE UltraLight® ev1 label used in single-trip paper tickets, the way is open to completely integrated, truly cash-free systems for transport service providers.

MIFARE UltraLight® ev1 paper ticket is part of a MIFARE® contactless ticketing system, MIFARE UltraLight®allows transport operators to use a single type of contactless reader interface, rather than the variety needed to cope with a part- contactless, part-cash, part magnetic stripe structure.

This gives all the benefits of a fully integrated contactless ticketing scheme, including lower operating and servicing expenses and enhanced passenger comfort via simple and quick card transactions. The effect is to decrease the queues and cash flow, which can also decrease the likelihood of cash crime, facilitate access to key information to further enhance fleet management and provide assistance for accurate fare distribution in the multi transporter transport systems.

MIFARE UltraLight® ev1 paper ticket operates in full accordance with ISO 14443 A, the standard for contactless smart cards, enabling simple integration of smart paper tickets into existing ISO 14443 A-compliant transport infrastructures. With true anti-collision properties and operating without the need for a battery. MIFARE UltraLight® ev1 paper ticket can be printed by standard ticket printing equipment as already installed in the field.

As the usage of contactless proximity smart cards becomes more and more common, transport and event operators are beginning to switch to full contactless solutions. MIFARE UltraLight® ev1 paper ticket can be easily integrated into existing fare collection schemes and even standard paper ticket vending equipment can be upgraded. In addition, this solution for low-cost tickets can help operators to reduce the circulation of cash within the system. Besides the perfect solution for the limited use ticket, mifare ultrailight label are bringing many additional benefits to the public transport fare collection schemes:

  • Secure login
  • Fraud reduction
  • Fare evasion reduction
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Less interaction steps with the equipment
  • Increased passenger throughput
  • Reduced cash flow and related operational costs
  • Enabling aggregated services (such as payment systems for taxi fares, cinema and theatre
  • tickets, loyalty programs, access management and parking)
  • Combined ground, underground and inter-city ticketing
  • Enabling co-operation between multiple Public Transport Operators
  • Extended convergence model with Single Trip Ticketing solution
  • Enabling interoperability with all other services based on contactless technology
  • NXP MIFARE offers the broadest product portfolio tailored to the automatic fare collection market. It includes ICs for limited-use paper tickets as well as microcontrollers for dual interface smart cards with PKI crypto engines capable of hosting multiple applications. The leading products available are MIFARE Ultralight™, MIFARE Ultralight™ C, MIFARE Ultralight™ EV1, MIFARE™ Classic 1k, MIFARE™ Classic 4k, MIFARE Plus™, MIFARE DESFire™ EV1, and SmartMX™. Contact trust RFID sticker manufacturer to buy what you need.

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