NTAG413 DNA is a new NFC chip launched by NXP revolutionizes the previous NFC portfolio by using asymmetric encryption technology, which now ensures an automatic and secure connection.


  • Asymmetric encryption technology
  • Cryptographic Tag authentication (AES) 128 bit key
  • AES cryptographic authentication technology
  • NFC Forum Tag Type 4

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NTAG413 DNA is a new NFC chip launched by NXP revolutionizes the previous NFC portfolio by using asymmetric encryption technology, which now ensures an automatic and secure connection. Without having to install your own application on the NFC terminal. The First generation NTAG413 DNA NFC chip that is copy protected, enabling secure NFC applications.

NTAG 413 DNA chip from NXP with own DNA and copy protection. There are many NFC cards,NFC tags,Most of them can be written and encoded easily and read by many cell phones. To go to a website, save contact, or open other interactive content. But only NXP NTAG413 DNA tag one can be used for sensitive applications such as authentication, authorization or brand protection. Find out more about the NTAG 413 DNA here.

The NTAG413 DNA NFC tag has Cryptographic Tag authentication (AES) 128 bit key with encrypted communication to give more advanced security. It also has a new feature called SUN (secure unique NFC message) to create unique tap authentication data each time the Tag is tapped.

NTAG 413 DNA revolutionizes NTAG product portfolio by bringing AES cryptographic authentication and allows to automatically and securely connecting to a web service by just tapping the tag without the need of a dedicated app installed on the mobile NFC device.

Besides the NXP originality signature and a 3-pass mutual authentication, it introduces a novel security feature called “Secure Unique NFC Message (SUN)”, which automatically generates tap-unique tag authentication data upon each read-out what enables dedicated unique communication to each user based on predefined criteria. No app (in NFC device) is required to generate this tap-unique data consisting of CMACed information derived from the chip UID, a tap counter and contained data. An NFC enabled device can automatically connect to a web-based service and based on the information contained in URL, the device can check the tags authenticity and verify the information validity. NTAG 413 DNA offers flexibility to individualize the structure of this unique data set.

NTAG 413 DNA NFC tag fully compatible with NFC Forum Tag Type 4. The NFC Forum 4 standard defines which mode an NFC-enabled device uses to read or write the NDEF message of an NFC tag. The communication of these NFC Forum 4 NFC tags is based on the ISO Data Exchange Protocol (ISO-DEP) which is fully compliant with the ISO / IEC 14443 standard. This is based on the NFC-A or NFC-B protocols ISO standards.

NXP NTAG 413 DNA with high input capacity (70pF), and it is ideal for applications that require small products without sacrificing performance. The NXP NTAG 413 DNA Small NFC tags can also be implanted into other printed products. DO RFID tag manufacturer can custom NTAG 413 DNA NFC labels, NFC tags, or NFC key fobs for different application

Primary Applications:

  • Increased counterfeit security
  • End-user can use the NFC device to authenticate a product digitally, and companies can check the originality of the return products. Also, the geographic location of a product can be identified when using a “cloud” based service.
  • Verification & Certificates
  • NTAG 413 DNA NFC tag can use for specific proofs such as certificates, warranty cards, certificates or diplomas, origin, and authenticity can be checked directly. The encryption of the NTAG 413 DNA card ensures that the chip can’t be copied. When trying to copy the content of the NTAG 413 DNA NFC card and when it readout, you will get information that this certificate is invalid immediately.
  • business cards
  • Digital business cards with NTAG 413 DNA chip and the NDEF format, you can transfer your contact information to a mobile phone by tapping your NTAG 413 DNA business card. It called “NDEF” format (NFC Data Exchange Format) allows the NTAG 413 DNA NFC card to be used directly as a digital business card. You don't worry someone could copy your business card, you can use the SUN technology of the new NTAG 413 for NFC cards to protect your business card. It generates a new code with every reading process and only then allows access to your personal data. Each NTAG 413 DNA business card is unique. Contact us to order NFC NTAG 413 DNA business cards directly!
  • Customer loyalty
  • Use the NTAG 413 DNA loyalty card can be made completely secure against hackers and copying attacks. Give your customers direct access to the personal online customer account with NTAG 413 DNA loyalty card and NFC device. Or use the NTAG 413 DNA chip to connect to your retailer's cash desk to enable your customer to get discounts directly or checkout.
  • Protected financial Offers
  • The NTAG 413 DNA allows for encrypted transaction device communication irrespective of whether it is a smartphone, money desk, or terminal. Confidence in contactless transactions and the authenticity of discounts, vouchers, bonus points, and discounts by avoiding misuse and forgery.
  • Verified presence
  • Enabling secure visitor identification by demonstrating personal presence and confirmation of visitor details. Providing real trust through a traceable history of NXP NTAG 413 DNA cards or tag usage and data logs for, for example, people for equipment maintenance, fitters, inspectors, security personnel and more. By reading in the NXP NTAG 413 DNA chip, geodata is generated and transmitted simultaneously. For example, so can be determined whether the supervisor arrived on time and in the right place.
  • Secure login
  • Protect Web Services by using two-factor authentication for log-on to company websites, e-commerce activities, email, social media platforms, and more. Use of secure “one-time codes” (OTC) on NXP NTAG 413 DNA card or tag to complete user names and passwords, and link directly to the user-friendly landing page by simply tapping with the smartphone. Please kindly contact us to get NTAG 413 DNA price.
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