RFID Clothing tag

D.O RFID TAG Manufacturer 's cloth and apparel tags are an effective way to elevate your brand and draw attention to your products. The design and printing of these tags requires special consideration.


  • It can be instead of price tag
  • Easy for checking out
  • Various types
  • Anti theft

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Clothing and apparel are handled and moved often. You’ll need a durable and well designed tag that can withstand application, handling, shipping, consumers and more. And it also needs to work with the overall brand standards of all your other apparel tags.

Primary Applications:

  • Retailer
  • Cloth manufacturer
  • Supper market
  • Logistic
  • E-payment


roduct typeWoven clothing label passive RFID Apparel Tags for clothes / garment inventory
Materialwoven, custom printed
Operation Frequency860-960Mhz
Chip TypeAlien H3,Impinj Monza 4/5/6
MemoryEPC 96-480 bit, User 512 bit, TID 32 bit
EPC Memory ContentUnique, randomized number
Read Distance1M - 10M
Applicationfor clothes / garment tracking management in retail store, warehouse, logistics, etc
Tag Form Factorlabel
Attachment MethodGeneral Purpose Adhesive or by sewing
label Size87x53mm ,73x23mm , custom
Weight4 gram
Operating Temp-35C to +60 C
Storage condition20% to 90% RH

UHF Apparel RFID tags are suitable for logistics management,apparel management and retail management,etc.

Apparel RFID tags are most cost-efficient RFID products in the world. With various design for applications, we can offer you the right UHF label based on your requirements. we have rich experience and alternate samples for your reference.

This tag complies with the EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) standard. The operating frequency is 860~960MHz. It can immediately be used worldwide. Besides paper material, ABS, PE, PVC and other materials are available. Each tag has a unique ID and can store user data for more efficient management.

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