RFID Jewelry Tags

The increasing movement of adopting RFID jewelry tags in jewelry segments, DO RFID tag manufacturer has proposed the compact RFID tags for jewelry list management applications, used in the retail jewelry store, warehouse depot and protected container applications.


  • Long Read Range: average reading distance reach up to 4m
  • EAS function due to ucode 7 chip
  • Stable performance
  • Waterproof surface material

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What is RFID jewellery tags

RFID jewelry tag is highly useful for inventory management and tracking of goods. Instead of manually counting jewelry items or using a barcode scanner to scan items, one by one, (which is very time-consuming!), you can count your entire inventory in minutes, instead of hours or days. With the right combination of RFID readers and RFID jewelry tags, together with a specialized jewelry management app, you can do a whole lot more than just counting and tracking.

Attach rfid jewelry tag on every jewelry product, easy counting on the RFID reader. Cooperate with RFID software and RFID hardware, The jewelry and accessors can be monitored, tracked, and speed inventory as real-time management. All Jewelry product’s data could be automatically collected in and out throughout all retail and distribute processes in an all-around way, replacing the cumbersome and inefficient manual management with barcode scanning mode with new methods of automation and accuracy.

UHF RFID jewelry tags with the small room size and a read range up to 3 feet, these RFID jewelry tags exact location tracking and quick research inspect of jewels and diamonds.

RFID jewelry label with a tiny hole, is very flexible for fitting to the jewelry item tracking. In particular, collate with the normal size dimensions of RFID jewelry tags, this Jewelry RFID tag not one or the other affects anyone's pieces of jewelry or the outlook of the box carry it.

The RFID Jewelry tags used to provide help to gather data from hundreds or thousands of items in a few estimated seconds. The chips are sealed internally of the PVC segments, every Jewelry RFID tag is represented as a standalone or unique identity number to capture the full details of the product. This RFID Jewelry tag is available in ISO 156988 and ISO 18443 options. Please contact us to get the RFID jewelry tag price

RFID jewelry tag able encodes SKU by RFID reader writer. In order to accomplish the exact administration of precious jewelry, it is necessary to locate a single piece of jewelry. Since the RFID jewelry tag has a unique ID, consequently, after matching the RFID jewelry tag with the specific jewelry, via the identification of the RFID RFID jewelry to attain the objective of precise management of the solitary fashion jewelry.

RFID system that utilizes RFID for tracking jewelry inventory and recognize what things are being watched by whom, when, and where, inside your shop. The application is linked to an internet where jewelers can check out the data, such as which jewelry products are seen and marketed, what products are checked out however not offered, and also what products are never watched by clients. It likewise collects information on clients and also prospective clients, as well as data on the activities of salespeople. All this information is gathered perfectly and also in real-time.

The UHF RFID Jewelry Tag is global frequency compliant with EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO-18000 6C. The RFID labels display unparalleled efficiency across the entire 860-960MHz bandwidth and are effective in dense RF environments. Therefore, multiple RFID UHF Jewelry tags can be quickly and accurately identified to achieve effective management of jewelry assets. It can also perform traceability, counterfeiting, and certification of jewelry.

Furthermore, we can design and sell many jewelry RFID tags depending on your request.

How to use RFID jewelry tag for tracking

RFID jewelry tag able encoded SKU by RFID reader writer.

In order to achieve precise management of jewelry, it is necessary to locate a single piece of jewelry. Since the RFID jewelry label has a unique ID, therefore, after matching the RFID label with the individual jewelry, through the identification of the RFID label to achieve the goal of precise management of the single jewelry.

Scan the rfid jewelry tags enables you to understand which of your items are being scanned and where. In the RFID software and RFID App, you will be able to view all the data details, just like in your ERP or POS.

RFID system that uses RFID for tracking jewelry inventory and understand what items are being viewed by whom, when, and where, inside your store. The app is connected to a web portal where jewelers can view the data, such as which jewelry items are viewed and sold, what items are viewed but not sold, and what items are never viewed by customers. It also collects data on customers and potential customers, as well as data on the activities of salespeople. All this data is collected seamlessly and in real-time.

What are the best RFID jewelry tags?

It is very important to have the right RFID reader and RFID Jewelry Tags if you want a very reliable and profitable RFID solution. So only rfid companies specialized in the RFID industry need to be able to buy RFID tags.

The RFID manufacturer of DO RFID TAG has over a decade of experience in RFID and introduces a small RFID jewelry tag for monitoring, which can be used for RFID inventory control, supply chain and RFID logistics administration, fashion jewelry, and Sunglasses. We supply two types of RFID jewels including, for example, ISO15693, HF (13.56 MHz), and UHF (ISO18000-6C).

13.56Mhz RFID jewelry tags for retail, wholesale, or safe storage applications, are explicitly made. The RFID jewelry tag is very small which prevents any pieces of jewelry or box design from being affected. It has an incredibly small scale. This RFID tag has great potential for asset control and inventory management with its reading distance of up to 5cm. It guarantees exact traceability and rapid stock checks of jewelry pieces by using the HF RFID Jewelry Sticker tag.

Our RFID HF RFID jewelry tags of ISO 15693 are proximity tags. The RFID application system is also commonly used in jewelry management. RFID tags for jewelry, including rings, earrings, fasteners, bracelets,s, and other accessories, are adaptable to any kind of jewelry. Thus, the RFID labels allow the identification of gems in their supply chain, from the warehouse to point of sale, to be fast and reliable. Several pieces of gems are also quickly invented using fixed or portable RFID reading stations, whether in bags, on trays,s or on shelves. It really is an excellent way to increase the protection of jewelry objects of value.

All rfid jewelry tags are White PET surface material, printable, and waterproof, it with strong permanent glue, sticking firmly without the mark left.

RFID Jewelry tag with stable performance and good consistency, Stock is available all year round and shipped at any time. RFID jewelry tags are designed to monitor, control, and track jewelry through the combination of RFID technology that attaches valuable jewelry and jewelry management equipment mounted on the counter to fast inventory count and real-time management with RFID technology creation and applications in the automatic industry, smart jewelry management. The enters, exits, and sales of jewelry items can be monitored and registered in their entirety, and modern methods of automation, precision, and reliability can replace the lumpy, inefficient artificial management and bar code scanning methods.RFID Jewelry retail shop management will dramatically boost company and warehouses' performance in their work (inventory, inventory, warehouse, payment).

What are the benefits of RFID jewelry tags?

Minutes of stock

It takes many folds to reduce the time it takes to make stock. RFID requires no viewing lines so that even when concealed under the trays you can scan several tags in seconds. You can also stock up faster by concurrently using several scanners.

Visibility on request

Any missing, lost, or stolen items on the next scan can be detailed in stock reports. The last item and the date/time of the last scan are defined by which person scanned the item. Regular inventory scans found that missing and lost goods were decreased, saving thousands of dollars a year.

Accurate inventory

More frequent inventory helps you to collect valuable stock details, discover old products on demand and common items to help you better take decisions. It not only provides your customer with a great tool for presenting imagery and item detail but also provides sales and display to sell results.

Find Missing position or Missing items

Find an item in a large tray batch. The user enters a style number and feeds trays of things into the reader. The user told the screen when the item is identified.

In handling and tracking products and market activities, RFID jewelry markings deliver extraordinary efficiency:

In real-time and historically, tracking, auditing, and analysis, and data correlated with individual movements of objects and transactions. RFID Jewelry tags and RFID labels enable performing an inventory of these high-value items on a regular basis with a handheld reader without the need of removing them from the display case or lockers.

Count inventory of jewelry instantly, automatedly, and conveniently.

The increased transparency of the RFID add-on promotes inventory preparation, refurbishment, and regulatory reporting. Add a fixed UHF RFID reader to the door will additionally provide the point of sale monitoring and losses due to shrinkage. Identify and find in minutes all of your store's jewelry products.

RFID jewelry tag is designed to manage retail shops for accurate and speedy stock, shelf- and store monitoring. For instance, 5 seconds by barcode scan, but 0,1 second by RFID (10 per second)

How to use RFID for jewellery?

1. Jewelry has particular industry features, such as costly materials, small-scale manufacturing, and special methods of management. RFID Jewelry Tag can handle jewelry and assist in the digital consumer acceptability analysis of different items by the company.

2. The storage efficiency of the previous barcode program is low, data cannot be added, the damage is simple and the reading position needs are high, which affects the efficiency of management. Without direct touch, without optical visualization and manual intervention, RFID technology is able to complete the input and processing of information and can address barcode issues easily and conveniently.

3. The RFID jewelry Tag System significantly enhances the productivity of the companies in jewelry (receipt, inventory, sales), decreases the volume rate, increases the rate of capital turnover and market reputation and better protects the operational process and quality of service of the companies.

RFID Jewelry Tag System Principle:

The radar reflection concept is applied in RFID radio frequency identification technology to send microwave survey signals to electronic tags via antennas. The electronic tags are activated by the microwave energy of the readers. They respond and send tag-data information after the microwave signals are received. The fundamental feature of the radio frequency identification technology consists of using radio technology to classify stationary or moving objects, identify the identity, and obtain functional (or identification) knowledge of the object to be identified.

RFID Jewelry Tag Management System Process

RFID jewelry management system, RFID technology, is planned from store to completion for all aspects of jewelry management. Based on their market characteristics, businesses can deploy RFID systems at key nodes.

1. RFID jewelry tag issuance system: for each gemstone, the RFID tag is a specific "identity ID" with vital details. Upon finishing the jewelry, add an RFID tag for each gemstone. RFID jewelry tag is designed for jewelry and can be conveniently and easily applied to jewelry without affecting the look of the jewelry, but still reflecting a gem. At this stage the data on the jewelry are written in the respective RFID jewelry tag's EPC, using the issuer of a tag, and submitted to the RFID application center server to realize the binding of the RFID Jewelry Tag and the jewelry asset.

2, Entry and out of library management: after completion of the basic information about the jewelry, carefully organized in the display panel, the storage phase is put in secure or other areas. The displays are positioned in the RF region, consisting of an RFID reader and an RFID antenna, before entering the warehouse. The RFID reader gathers all the details on the jewelry label at once and completes the storage.

3, Real-time inventory: under each display counter, RFID antenna, and a fixed RFID reader with a rack to generate a complete set of products, which can achieve a full range of jewelry display area without dead angle reading.

The RFID reader on the counter will start, scan all the jewelry information on the counter and count it to complete the inventory work.

4. Security surveillance: If the salesperson sells in the shop, if the customer wants to inspect a certain kind of jewelry, he takes the jewelry and places it on the counter, he reads the jewelry in real-time. And record in real-time on the tray sensing area the time of the ring mark (work permit) of the salesperson and determine the location of the gems. If the system notices that the number of previous counts is inconsistent, then the data will be forwarded to the management platform. In accordance with management requirements, the interval of real-time counting can be set.

5, Search Jewelry Setting: RFID read device can also be used for fast searches and placement of a single or a series of gems, mounted on the counter. Just enter the number of the jewelry in the background system, it reads the entered jewelry's numbers, locates the stated number of jewels quickly, and locates them quickly.

6. Sales Link: LED displays can be deployed near the counter for some main and rare treasures of jewelry stores. On displaying the jewelry the descriptions of the jewelry "style, origin, designer, weight, material, designer, purity, quality" appear on the device screen, thereby increasing the prestige and brand value of the brand, and on the other hand encouraging sales. People are pulling more resources for quality services, enhancing their customer experience, and fostering sales. Simultaneously, in real-time, the RFID tool can track the number of times that any item of a gemstone is shown to its customers. It provides the firm with deep data extraction to understand the behavior, taste, desires, etc. of consumer usage to better handle it. Take decisions on the market.

RFID Jewelry Management System Hardware Components:

The RFID Jewelry Management System contains mainly antennas, tags, readers, card issuers, back-end services, and related applications. The RFID Hardware System is the software of RFID. The center of the RFID smart gem management system is the creative and intelligent management of jewelry contact between RFID and all binding jewelry labels. The central equipment thus lies in multi-tag processing and in the overall device efficiency and stability.

1. RFID reader: Ther are 13.56mhz RFID reader and UHF RFID reader, it depends on what RFID jewelry tag do you use. They can be adapted to harsh manufacturing conditions of all kinds. The dual optimization of good energy consumption and thermal discharge can provide the equipment's long-term continuous and reliable operation and are suited to the Jewelry Management System stability needs.

2, RFID antenna: To ensure precise placement of jewelry in an implementation of this device, the read range of RFIDs must be managed to the extent possible in a single tray, and labels should not be misread in other trays. The currently commonly used far-field antennas have a broad range of readings and cannot be applied to the device. Our RFID antenna is a high-performance, wide-range, thin-thick, light-weight, well-formed field antenna. Installation in standard displays is simple. The UHF RFID antenna can retain a good power sensitivity and also solve the problem of cross-talking in the near range for multiple tags.

3. RFID jewelry tags: rfid jewelry tags are made mostly from PVC and PET, paper tags hung on jewelry, used for store information about jewelry, which includes names, styles, jewelers. The employee card is an electronic RFID ring-shaped sticker, which may be entered and worn by each employee in the employee's name, gender, positions, service lengths, etc.

Primary Applications:


MaterialCoated paper, PVC, PET ,CPC,PP or customized
RFID ChipUHF:H3/H4,M4/5,UC 7;
HF:N213,F08,IC SLI
Operating FrequencyUHF:ISO18000-6C;HF:ISO14443A/ISO15693
IC Life100,000 Programming cycles, 10 years data retention
Size120*15*0.25,92*12.5,120*18,100*16,100*25,211*24,110*15mm or customize.
Surface MaterialRadiant White PET
Operating Temperature-0~60°C
Operating Humidity20%~80% RH
Storage Temperature20~30°C
Storage Humidity20%~60% RH
Shelf Life1 year in anti-static bag at 20~30 °C / 20% ~60% RH
ESD Voltage Immunity2 kV (HBM)
AppearanceSingle row reel form
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