RFID Paper

RFID paper is the best solution for printing production for the rapid entry to the IoT market.


  • Ready to print
  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% good units
  • ISO compliance antenna design

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RFID paper is the best solution for printing production for the rapid entry to the IoT market.

The HF, NFC, or UHF enabled RFID paper has been used predominantly to print RFID-based paper packages, documents. RFID Paper can be printed via printers to produce any other RFID products.

In the past, we use RFID inlay to make RFID tags, NFC business cards, cloth hangtags, or RFID paper cards.

But now we print the RFID antenna and RFID chip on the paper sheet directly. for an easy step, you just put paper in the printer tray and send artwork to print, then cut, punch and your RFID products are ready, also you can easily encode your website or anything to an RFID chip with just a couple of clicks.

We created a simple paper solution with RFID chips and antennas built into ready-to-print sheets Instead of the traditional format of RFID tags. We hope to make RFID technologies as available and affordable as any usual sheet-to-sheet printing.

The RFID paper could be read by a standard reader, and flat surface RFID paper able to pass the tracks inside the printer. Also, the RFID paper is able to withstand heating and cooling during the printing process. The RFID sheets should be tolerant of the impact of logistics and storage, as well as able to survive cutting, embossing, punching, and folding.

RFID Paper is a smart paper with various RFID chips, It allows for producing a wide range of contactless paper cards and RFID tags, NFC cards, RFID magazines, or security documents. they are ideal for low-cost, high-volume applications such as public transport, loyalty cards, event ticketing. Supports ISO/IEC 14443 A 1-3 and NFC forum tag type 2 compliant.

Our RFID PAPER is RoHS certified material integrated with RFID chips and antennas. The RFID consists of 13.56Mhz (Mifare 1k, Mifare ultralight),NFC (NTAG213,NTG215),UHF.

13.56Mhz RFID paper usually uses for transport paper tickets, hotel cards, parking tickets, loyalty cards.

NFC paper usually uses for advertising and brand protection hangtag, NFC business cards.

UHF paper usually uses for paper inventory hang tags, traceability labels.

Printable RFID paper creates a game-changing shift in the market. We aim at making NXP technologies as available and affordable as a usual sheet to sheet printing that would increase customer satisfaction and quality of service in all areas of business.

Primary Applications:

  • Transport tickets
  • Access control cards
  • Parking tickets
  • Hang tags
  • Event tickets
  • Corporate NFC business cards
  • Passport
  • security document
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