RFID waste bin tag

Durable RFID waste bin tag supply superior resistance to water, salt mist, mineral oil, and petroleum, as well as high tolerance to shock and temperature variations.


  • Easily integrated - standard sizing for easy installation or retrofit
  • Tamper resistant - custom spanner screw drive to deter fraudulent removal
  • Broad compatibility - a choice of frequencies and memory capacities address common global installations and protocols
  • Reliable, consistent performance - no line-of-sight required, with options for mounting on plastic or metal bins
  • Superior resistance to water, salt mist, mineral oil and petroleum
  • High tolerance to shock and temperature variations

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RFID waste bin tag link trash and recycling cans to owners, ensuring easier and more accurate collection, this is basic benefits to use RFID technology on RFID Waste Management.

RFID waste bin tag identifies and tracks waste bins.

The RFID waste bin tag can be installed inside or outside a trash can. It can be read by an RFID reader which is utilized by the drivers in collection trucks. It aims to improve efficiency, especially if it programmed a unique number associates a garbage cart with an address. The RFID waste bin tag is also a possibility for loyalty and reward programs offered to residents.

When the truck empties the bin, the RFID waste bin tag is read and weighed to bill according to the amount of waste produced, operators to monitor sorting quality, track the number of times a container is placed for collection and track the weight of its contents.

So the RFID waste bin tag supports the identification and traceability of waste streams. simplify service billing and support the implementation of incentive-based invoicing.

RFID Waste Management provider, Bin and container manufacturers can choose from the wide range of LF, HF, and UHF passive RFID waste bin tag from DO RFID tag manufacturer. We provide the flexibility and versatility of RFID waste bin tag for waste bins and containers of any size, shape or composition.

Durable RFID waste bin tag supply superior resistance to water, salt mist, mineral oil, and petroleum, as well as high tolerance to shock and temperature variations. The high perform RFID waste bin tag, withstand abuse and help waste management organizations achieve optimal data integrity easily and efficiently.

For metal bins, DO RFID tag manufacturer offers anti-metal RFID tag for consistent performance in environments where the metal surroundings might otherwise negatively affect reading performance due to signal reflection.

In August, New York implements an incentive-based recycling program in 1 million households served, the recycling carts with RFID waste bin tag. This program encourages households to recycle by rewarding them with points based on the amount they recycle. The points are redeemable at local and national retailers, restaurants and grocery stores. The participating businesses include Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS Pharmacy, Whole Food Markets, McDonald's and Omaha Steaks.

Many Europe transports companies have been using RFID technology many years ago and have developed additional uses for it, including billing and verification. Ireland and Germany use RFID to manage debt payment plans. Under these plans, residents fund debit accounts, which haulers draw down after providing service. The RFID system tells the haulers which cans have funds in their associated accounts and which don't. The benefits are threefold. Haulers eliminate the expense of generating and sending invoices. They no longer have to wait to be paid. Nor do they have to chase down bad accounts. RFID implementation by Cleveland's solid waste division implementation RFID application.

RFID used for the waste industry is a new phase of technological exploration and adoption. There are many RFID applications will be developed in more future.


Material Nylon+ epoxy filling
SizeΦ30mm x 15mm, hole diameter: 5.5mm
IP Class IP67
Color Black, yellow, red, blue, grey etc
Read Distance 5 ~ 10cm(LF); 5cm(HF); 2m ~ 3m(UHF)
ResistancetdHarsh environment
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