Rugged RFID tags

Rugged RFID tags

UHF Rugged RFID tag is packaged by ABS Plastic housing. It has been tested in several applications including retail logistics with long distance reading.


  • Passed ingression test (IP67)
  • Best read perform with similar size on‐metal tags
  • Passed high temperature test
  • Encoding and barcode printing service provided

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DO RFID Group is a trusted RFID tag manufacturer.

The Rugged RFID tags include low frequency, high frequency, and UHF RFID tags.

Rugged RFID tags are Passive RFID Tag or RFID Labels are usually made of a few different parts:

1. The RFID inlay (a microchip/antenna /polyester film combination) The microchip (also called an IC or integrated circuit or RFID chip ) is the heart of the RFID tag. This microchip contains programmed information including the unique identification number and other information the label buyer desires. Additionally, the tag can be programmed to contain the commands that control the operation of the chip itself including its operation as a passive or an active tag with operational frequencies to match.

2. The Finished Rugged RFID tags The passive RFID tag may bear the company’s logo, the product number in readable form, or whatever the label customer wants. Some businesses require color and holographic combining eye-grabbing logos or designs that are perfect for events like concerts or seminars.

On some labels, an additional plus is the ability to add custom programming that can be matched to printed barcode information.

Finally, the form of the tag takes shape when the label, the inlay, and its substrates are encased with polymers selected for specific applications. Some RFID labels must withstand high temperatures, some must be resistant to abrasion, and some must be waterproof depending upon the application or project.

The finished Rugged RFID tags, too, might be layered with a strong adhesive on the reverse to adhere to a customer’s assets. Often, these adhesives have tamper-evident properties.

After fabrication, the multiple labels on the sheet or roll must be cut and separated. As the composite passes through the press-like machine, its dies, lasers or razor cuts through with as many different shapes and layers as needed to meet customer demand and object requirements.

These Rugged RFID tags or RFID labels are commonly coated with an adhesive that is used to adhere to objects they are tracking. RFID tags also come without adhesive and can be attached as a hanging type tag or even applied through different types of mechanical fasteners.

DO RFID group's Rugged RFID tags are constructed to be the highest quality in the industry. Our RFID tags and labels are designed with durability and reusability in mind. Quality materials, innovation, and years of expertise enable repeated label usage.

Primary Applications:

  • Car production lines
  • Production line high temperature metal tray management
  • Warehouse Rack Management
  • University logistics asset management
  • Special vehicle management


Working Frequency860~960MHZ
Dimension50*56mm, 9mm thickness
ProtocolISO-18000 6C (GEN2 EPC)
ChipAline H3 ,IMPINJ M4 or customize
Storage CapacityEPC: 96 bits, User Memory 512bit
Working temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃
MaterialIndustrial-grade Plastic ( ABS)
Reading Range3m (Handheld) & 12m (Fixed ) --- (It depends on actual application environment and readder)
Life100,000 times, 10 years
Mount:Screwing/ Riveting/ Adhering
Operation modepassive
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