UHF desktop reader

UHF Desktop USB Card Reader UHF Desktop USB Card Reader

RFID UHF reader writer

Desktop USB RFID UHF reader writer is portable rfid reader writer for program and encode ISO 18000 6c RFID cards and RFID tags.It is low cost RFID reader.

It has a high sensitivity, low operating current, single DC power supply, low price, high performance.

This product can read card, write card, authorization, formatting and other operations.

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UHF desktop reader

UHF desktop reader is one of the most widely used RFID Desktop readers & writers generally used for UHF tag registration and activation. It works on global UHF frequency protocols and is used for quick UHF RFID tag authentication, RFID UHF tag read and write activation, and RFID tag blocking /killing. With an anti-collision algorithm and high tag read/write capability this device can be used in any industry application. It is portable in nature and can be carried easily because of its compact design and quick installation method which is USB

This UHF RFID reader supports USB, interface via which the data is transmitted to the connected PC.

DO RFID Reader produced the Standalone UHF Gen2 RFID Reader/Writer is designed for the desktop. It is compatible with both EPC Class1 GEN 1 and GEN 2 Protocols operating in the UHF. Self-intellectual property; Support ISO18000-6C (EPC C1G2), ISO18000-6B protocol tag; FHSS or Fix Frequency transmission; RF output power up to 30dbm(adjustable); Support auto-running and interactive work mode; Support USB interface; Output format and parameters configurable;

Why purchase UHF desktop reader from DO RFID reader ?

This low-profile desktop UHF card reader is designed to read and write to EPC Class 1 Generation 2 (ISO 18000-6C) UHF RFID transponders. It is powered by (and communicates via) a standard USB connection, providing a convenient device that can be hosted by any PC.

It is designed for operation in either European (ETSI EN 302 208) environments, including Dense Reader Mode Capability, or North American FCC environments.

The Desktop UHF RFID Reader with USB is ideal for Retail Point of Sale, document tracking, and access control applications. An extensive software development kit (SDK) is available for the development of customer applications.

UHF RFID Desktop Manufacturer is the best UHF desktop reader supplier

DO RFID reader produced the UHF desktop reader with IP 40 rated and certified by CE and FCC. tag time: No more than 5ms every 8 bytes when reading, 25ms every 4bytes when writing. DO RFID reader manufacturer produce widely RFID readers with more features.

  • UHF - Desktop UHF reader/writer
  • High Speed Read/Write on UHF Tag
  • Support Auto-running and Interactive Work Mode
  • Support ISO180006B/6C Gen2 protocol cards read/write function.
  • Please note: Not support IOS system
  • .
  • Operating Frequency: 865- 868 MHz frequency band. Reading range can be up to 50 cm please note: Not support the IOS system, Don't read the Credit bank card.
  • It read/write UHF (Ultra High Frequency,860~960Mhz) card/tag. Not read 125khz/13.56Mhz, Can't support HID, Cobra, APCiK, etc.
  • Antenna: Built-in small circular polarization antenna
  • Application:

    Desktop USB RFID UHF reader writeris widely used in a variety of RFID systems. The main applications are:

    • logistics and warehousing management: the flow of goods and storage management and mail, parcels, transport luggage, such as the flow management
    • Intelligent parking management: car park management and charging automation
    • The production line management: the identification of the production process sentinel
    • Other areas: library management, attendance management, asset management systems


    Physical Parameters:
    Size142mm x 85mm x 20mm
    Performance parameters:
    Working frequency902~928mhz or865~868mhz
    Supporting protocolEPC C1 GEN2 ISO18000 - 6C
    Radio power0 - 17 dbm
    Reading range0 - 60cm
    Writing range0 - 10cm
    Communication interfaceUSB
    Key board outputsupport
    PowerUSB supply
    Environment Parameters:
    Working temperature- 20 ℃ - 55℃
    Store temperature- 20 ℃ - 55℃
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