Wiegand RFID Reader

Wiegand RFID Reader

Wiegand refers to the technology used in RFID card readers and sensors. This system is a wired communication interface that operates between a reader and a controller. Typically, Wiegand technology is found in RFID card readers, fingerprint readers, or any other data-capturing devices. This is most commonly used in access control applications.

The wire communication aspect of these devices comes from a set of embedded wires in a Wiegand card. These devices follow a similar basic function that we see in bank cards.

In summary, Wiegand devices are cards and any kind of data reader that operates on a special wire communication system. These need to be used with a Wiegand sensor in order to work.

A complete Wiegand system includes the device that holds the data, as well as the reader. The specialized wired format of communication between the reader and access control technology is key here.

DO RFID reader manufacturer produced the Wiegand RFID reader in 125khz, 13.56mhz or UHF. Please contact us if you need any Wiegand RFID readers.

Wiegand is a brand name for a technology that is commonly found in card readers and sensors, particularly in access control applications. HID Corporation was the first to develop Wiegand devices. The Wiegand effect occurs over a wide temperature range. As a result, access control devices that use this technology can operate in hostile environments. Other advantages include speed of response and portability. Because of these characteristics, Wiegand RFID card readers are ideal for use in the field.

Multiple applications - including cashless vending, library

services, POS and car parking

May be used for internal and external applications

Provides visual and audible confirmation of card status

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