Mifare DESfire card reader writer

DO RFID reader manufacture developed the DESFire® Smart Card Enrolment Reader/Encoder/writer with USB interface.


  • USB interface
  • Read/Write speed of up to 424 kbps
  • Fast data transfer
  • High data integrity
  • True anti-collision
  • Support for ISO 14443 Part 4 Type A and B cards

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DO RFID reader manufacture developed the DESFire® Smart Card Enrolment Reader/Encoder/writer with USB interface.

The USB Mifare ® DESFire ® Smart Card Enrolment Reader/Encoder /writer is a desktop enrolment card reader writer, with support for user-programmable open standard MIFARE ® and MIFARE ® DESFire ® Cards. This eliminates single supplier dependency and benefits users with lower costs for replacement cards because it follows ISO and ANSI standards and does not use propriety card formats. The card information is secure from cloning because cardholder data including a unique Card Holder Identity is encrypted before being written to the card.

The ISO 14443A Mifare DESFire® Smart Card reader writer is a flexible, highly secure, and stylish contactless smart card reader ideal for customers that require a customizable reader for new or existing installations.

Mifare DESFire® Smart Card reader writer/encoder offers the ultimate choice in interoperability and programmability. Its unique capabilities, such as reading any MIFARE® and/or DESFire® application data file, meet all installation requirements.

Primary Applications:

  • e-Banking and e-Payment
  • Transportation
  • Network Security
  • Personal transactions over the Internet
  • Vending machines

Mifare DESfire card reader writer features:

  • Working frequency: 13.56MHz
  • Read and write chip: Adopt the latest NXP highly integrated ISO14443A card reader chip;
  • USB without drive : USB bus power supply, no need to install a driver, plug and play;
  • Support Card: Support all cards that comply with IS014443A and ISO7816-3 protocols;
  • Mifaer card sector block data read and write;
  • DesFire EV1 CPU card (NXP) data read and write;
  • operating mode;"
  • PSAM card security module data read and write operations;
  • PSAM card holder: Support 2 PSAM security module card holders;
  • Reading distance: The farthest distance for reading the card serial number is up to 11cm, and the farthest for reading data is up to 9cm;
  • Development interface: Each type of CPU card provides extremely simple ""read card"" and ""write card"" instructions, while providing flexible transparent transmission instructions, rich PC interface function and demonstration program;
  • Alarm Prompt: There is a buzzer and light-emitting diode for alarm;


ModelMifare DESfire card reader writer
Support cardsNXP mifare 1k, mifare 4k mifare desfire ev1. 14443A protocols cards)
(Allow user to customize the output format)
Identifiaction Speed≤1 seconds
Power SupplyDC 5V
Operating Distance0mm-100mm(related to the card or the environment)
Service Temperature-10℃ ~ +70℃
Store Temperature-20℃ ~ +80℃
Working humidity<90%
Read time<200ms
Read interval<0.5S
WeightAbout 140G
Cable length1400mm
Material of readerABS
Operating SystemWin XP\Win CE\Win 7\Win 10\LIUNX\Vista\Android
IndicatorsDouble Color LED (Red & Green) and Buzzer
(“Red” means standby, “Green” means reader success)
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