• RFID wide range reader is a new high performance radio technology.
  • Higher sensitivity, improved interference rejection and echo cancellation means you get the best-in-class dense reader mode performance.
  • All the tools you need for fast, easy deployment and simplified ongoing management of your RFID applications are built right into the RFID wide range reader architecture.
  • 2-port,4-port and 32 port wide range reader configurations.
  • More configuration options mean more flexibility to optimize your read field. Deploy precisely the number of read points you need for proper coverage.

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These 4 ports RFID wide range reader purposefully designed to deliver industry best read rates and accuracy for the highest volumes of tags in the most challenging RFID environments, whatever if you are retailer, distributor or manufacturer, items are always on the move throughout your facility. Our standard RFID wide range of readers provide visibility into the inventory ‘at rest’ on your shelves. If you need to also track items as they travel in, through and out of your facility. Choose to DO RFID reader manufacturer of RFID Combination RFID wide range reader/Antenna solutions, These advanced RFID readers provide some additional business intelligence at every transition point in your facility that allows you to more tightly manage your inventory to prevent lost sales, stock-outs, theft and unplanned downtime on the manufacturing plant floor.


  • Track inventory as it moves through your main entry/exit points
  • Track inventory in the backroom from ‘arrival to departure
  • Doorways and Chokepoints
  • Portals, Outdoor Gates and Conveyors
  • Indoor Manufacturing Environment
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management
Performance parameters
Working Frequency902~928 MHz or 865~868MHz
ProtocolISO18000-6C(EPC C1 GEN2)
RF connector2 SMA outer female connector
RFID hardwareImpinj R2000
Radio frequency power0~30dBm(Adjustable)
Communication portRS232,TCP/IP or RS232,WIFI
Software & SDKDEMO and C#, VC, Java
Tag handling volume0-200 tags
Storage space1M or 8M Flash save without power supply(customized)
Real-time clockwithout power supply, real-time clock save and working(customized)
Frequency modulationadjustable or fixed frequency
Input/output portOne-way relay output, One-way I/O input
RSSIRSSI numerical test
Physical parameters:/td>
Shell materialAluminum Alloy
Item size180x131x27mm
Net weight500g
Working temperature-20℃~+50℃
Storage temperature-30℃~+75℃
Operating powerDC3.7V~5V
Please choose RFID antennas with this wide range RFID reader for your application
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