Temperature Recorder for Shipping

Temperature Recorder for Shipping

temperature recorder for shipping with NFC or UHF provide high accuracy temperature data ina small, ultra-thin form factor and communicate wirelessly with NFC enabled smartphones.


  • RFID tag with temperature sensor
  • 1024bytes High User Memory for temperature storage
  • High Accuracy Temperature Sensing Precision +/ - 0.5 degree
  • Wide Band Temperature Detecting Tag -30 - 50degree

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Temperature Recorder for Shipping

This wireless temperature logger is a temperature recorder for shipping that is mainly used in the fields of medicine, vaccine, blood, food, flowers and plants, laboratory, etc., it will record temperature and optimization your cold chain.

If those shipments need refrigeration, will they survive in usable condition? How will you know?

Temperature can’t be determined by sight and smell. Single-use temperature recorders placed inside shipping containers provide the data you need to determine whether the contents are safe to use. It is a combination of a temperature sensor and an RFID chip paper battery, but it is waterproof and suitable for cold chain storage and transportation where a high level of protection is required. It is not a USB temperature and humidity data logger, but it is cheaper it and has a long service life. You can still read the data even though the battery is exhausted.

The single-use temperature data logger can effectively detect the real-time temperature of the product during transportation. It is designed for transporting perishable food, temperature-sensitive medical and industrial products. You only need to paste it on the product to be tracked and tested, and then set the minimum and maximum temperature thresholds, and he can record all data during storage and transportation

The temperature data logger is mainly used for temperature monitoring and recording during the storage and transportation of food and medicine, such as refrigerated boxes, refrigerated trucks, containers, etc.

You do not need to connect to a computer via a USB port, you can directly export PDF reports with your mobile phone.

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