UHF RFID anti metal tag

UHF RFID anti metal tag

DO RFID tag manufacturer produced the Printable RAIN UHF RFID anti-metal tag, This UHF anti-metal tag is made of soft material and printable by RFID printers. and PCB anti metal tags. Contact a expert for the right tags.


  • EPC C1 GEN2(ISO 18000-6C) Protocol
  • Can be mounted on metal surface and supply long read range
  • Flexable for conductive surface
  • Printable by zabra printer

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RFID application get more and more popular, Many RFID applications have different requirements – from reading distance to dimension, printing, and encoding, etc.

There is a big problem that RFID tag will not work on the metal project. When an RFID reader scans an RFID tag, it sends a radio-frequency electromagnetic field that powers the tag (passive tags) and allows the RFID reader to communicate with the tag. The problem arises when the RFID tag is fixed to a conductive surface, such as metal. The conductive surface alters the electromagnetic field created by the RFID reader so that the RFID tag isn't able to use the electromagnetic field to communicate with the reader.

In order to solve this problem, we developed various Anti-Metal RFID Tags.Anti-metal tags are specialized RFID tags that can be read from conductive surfaces, such as metal (something that regular RFID tags can't do).

DO RFID tag manufacturer produced the Printable RAIN UHF RFID anti-metal tag, This UHF anti-metal tag is made of soft material and printable by RFID printers. It’s industry’s best performance and excellent read ranges regardless of the surface metal, plastic, even wood. This UHF RFID anti-metal tag with a small footprint and low profile and easily fits where is too small and obtrusive or adhere to curved surfaces.

Printable RAIN UHF RFID anti-metal tag is a specially designed for a thermal printer and easy to be installed on a metallic surface, liquid environment. The UHF anti-metal tag with popular RFID chip Impinj Monza R6-P that operates properly in optional ultra-high frequencies ( 866MHz – 868MHz (ETSI); 902MHz – 928MHz (FCC) ).it with Memory: EPC – 128 (96) bits; User – 32 (64) bits; Unique TID – 48 bits. User can be encoded by the UHF RFID reader writer or we help encode during we produce it. The Reading Range with long range RFID readers Up to 6m, The read range is up to 3 meters if use the RFID handheld reader. this broad range of RAIN UHF RFID anti-metal tag comes with various sizes for client’s optional. Please kindly noted, the different sizes with the different read distance, please check with our RFID expert before purchase it. We have existing imensions: 40 x 40 x 1.1mm, 55 x 12.5 x 1.3mm, 96 x 12.5 x 1.3mm, 96 x 24 x 1.3mm, absolutely , DO RFID TAG manufacturer can custom any size as your request.

Flexible printable UHF RFID anti-metal tag is an updated concept for the UHF thin on metal as a fantastic solution to make it possible to implement RFID applications for industrial automation and for supply chain management as well as inventory tracking purposes, such as: tracking IT Assets, Office, Hospital and Laboratory asset management. The simple RAIN RFID On-Metal Tags offer a quick and cost-effective tagging function after attached on a metallic surface. With printable, stick flexibility, cost-effective and efficient, global frequency, good performance.

Primary Applications:

  • tracking IT Assets
  • Production line high temperature metal tray management
  • Warehouse Rack Management
  • University logistics asset management
  • Special vehicle management
  • IT, Office, Hospital and Laboratory Asset Tracking
  • Weapons, Pipes, and Road Signs
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